Bridge: Arts & Social Justice Exhibit 9/17, 6pm at the Harwood Art Center Reply


JustWrite is hosting a workshops series involving creating and collaborating around our experiences of incarceration, addiction, state, and domestic violence.  We’ve been working toward the Social Justice Exhibit in partnership with The Harwood Art Center, open for viewing for the whole month of September.  Please join us this Thursday 9/3 at 6pm at The Harwood.

Diahndra Grill and Carlos Contreras of JustWrite partner with Harwood Arts Center to host an interactive multimedia exhibit featuring artists in transition and community members who have shared experiences of incarceration, addiction, state, and domestic violence. This exhibit is a visual/visceral experience that illustrates how art in community can bridge previously disconnected populations.

JustWrite is a non-profit organization focused on underserved communities in the education sector and those who are incarcerated, providing an environment where participants use creative expression for self-empowerment, healing, and enlightenment. JustWrite engages and connects the minds and hearts of multiple populations simultaneously through creative dialogue. Co-Creator of JustWrite, Carlos Contreras is a two-time National Poetry Slam Champion and former high school teacher, currently working as an adjunct professor at UNM, Contreras is a community organizer who believes in the power of creative expression – at his base he is: a poet, an artist, and a human being. Diahndra Grill is a multimedia artist and educator who works in schools, prisons, and with organizations in promoting and using artistic processes as tools for self-discovery, growth, storytelling and to revitalize and build community. She works in the Interdisciplinary Film & Digital Media Program at the University of New Mexico, and serves as the Vice President on the Board of Directors for S.A.F.E. House. Diahndra believes in people and the power of interwoven relationships, self-expression, and radical love to sustain growth, identity, and purpose. She is the co-founder of JustWrite.

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