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JustWrite facilitates ongoing workshops in the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center. Albuquerque journalist Matthew Reisen joined us for one of our workshops and wrote an article about it, Inmates find solace in writing program. Check out the full story here.

volunteer brings creative writing workshops to inmates.

rer080718i/A1/August 07, 2018/Albuquerque Journal Diandra Grill(cq)who volunteers at the west side jail holds writing workshops at the west side jail to bring creative expression to inmates who don’t have access to such programs on a regular basis. Pictured Diandra wiring the topic for writing this evening. Albuquerque, New Mexico Roberto E. Rosales/Albuquerque Journal

JustWrite on KUNM Espejos de Aztlán program 

Lead facilitators and co-founders of JustWrite, Diahndra Grill and Carlos Contreras, join us live to talk about the program and share some pieces from past and current JustWrite participants.

If you missed the live show on 3/25, you can tune in here:

For the full article:

Carlos Contreras speaking on how poetry mends and connects populations:  poetry and its power in rehabilitative situations.

Diahndra Grill, artist, activist and educator who brings art to unexpected places to change, reflect, and heal.

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