Did You Know… Reply

Did You Know
Did you know that I’m
sorry for all the pain I put you through.
Honestly I never really meant to hurt you,
you were my heart. You were my soul. In my
Mind I thought that together we would grow old
and still till this day you’re the love of my life,
I always hoped that one day I would make you
my wife. But I failed and I did you wrong,
But when we first got together our love for each other
Was so very strong, so bad I wish that we
Could have that again, you were my one and only best
Friend and time after time I reminisce on what we
Once had. But when I do it hurts my heart so
Fucking bad. Shit it even brings tears to my eyes
But I hold em back. Because someone once told me
That men don’t cry. But honestly I could care
Less. ‘Cause you were my everything. And the time
I spent with you will always and forever be
The best. I’ll always remember it, even till the
Day that I’m laid to eternal rest, but one thing
You did know was that you were my first true love.
My blessed angel sent to me from
The heavens above. So now that you know!
How I feel inside. I’ll end this note
With an I love you and good bye.

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