I Believe In… 5

I Believe in…

I believe in things that people
never even knew existed,
from a code you follow in prison
to barbwire fences,
to doing shots in Seg,
to the honor pods with fuckin’ window visits.
Some just don’t know
’till they’re thrown into the lion’s den
and consumed.
I’m that doubt in the back of your mind
that says:
“Go bang, sell dope, who cares about dying.”
Will I got tired real fuckin’ fast
of that kinda life.
Now I believe in myself
to do something important
real important.
I don’t know what it is yet,
I lost everything
but the scars are what I kept.
I don’t know why I just fight and fight
I got shot twice,
once in the hand
and once in the head
and didn’t die.
I ask God, like
What am I doing right?
That’s who I believe in.


I Believe In…

Some things are misunderstood to outsiders,
but the individual, people, places, things and ideas
can come in many different forms of beliefs
What I believe in you might think negative,
crazy or a little too blunt for your flavor. Problems that
can be solved through what is easily believed. What I
believe can be my truth, but your life. So as the
story has unfolded, what I believe in today I didn’t
believe in a decade ago. I wish I did, could have
prevented a whole lot of non-sense kind of like a
disease, or destruction left behind me. Glancing
back and reflecting when, where, what or who has
caused me to believe in. Bullshit is not something I
believe, even thought I go through it at the moment.
I do my best to avoid it, because that’s what I
believe in, is destiny. I believe in the path I started,
it’s smooth, mostly rough which makes a strong
man no matter how weak I’ve become. The path is still going
toward the path of the horizon. I believe in life, no matter how it
treats me.

~JJ aka JS


  1. SM
    There is alot of raw emotion in this piece, so much reality.

    “Now I believe in myself
    to do something important”

    Yet these two lines show that through it all, there is still hope. Loved it!

  2. Philosophical view that can be debated by others even though it is very powerful. Believing in life, believing in mistakes shows a very wise way of thinking. wonderful poem

  3. SM,
    I feel your expression with scars. Sounds like you have some pretty heavy physical ones to remind you of your past as do I. Through writing I have learned to transform the scars of my past into a kind of body art for my future. –1LP

  4. JJ aka JS,
    Your idea of the path, rough with smooth patches, ever extending to the horizon sounds very Zen to me which I like. Perhaps the goal is the journey… forever moving forward. That’s a nice concept to think about. Thanks. –1LP

  5. JJ aks JS
    “I believe in life, no matter how it
    treats me.” The last line is amazing.
    It made me think a lot.
    Do I still believe even if things are rough.
    I love this poem, one of my favorites so far!

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