I Live… Reply

I Live
Bleed and suffer,
More than a collection of experiments,
More than failed effort,
A heart beats warmth in swollen veins,
Blood and plasma,
Fluids that confirm,
Revolution never sought,
An epiphany of thought found,
This holds meaning,
Nothing else,
Just now,
Life a progression,
Only the falling a footstep,
As it passes to be remembered,
Nothing came before,
Evocation of the past,
Marshals only faint remembrance,
Ghosts lingering in the shell of something dead to me,
Faint, blurred and nearly gone,
An abstraction of the mind,
Another nude horizon of possibility,
A blank page,
Life is now,
Words erupted from the wounded nucleus of sentiment,
Spiritual extraction of pain for the dissertation of knowing,
What the soul might be,
I live,
For the knowledge and prestige,
Of clearing the slate,
Wiping the residue of tainted existence,
Concentration is a severe test of perseverance,
As I perform for a few gracious thoughts from a heart lacking selfish motives,
The beautiful purpose of a stranger,
To expose a famished heart,
Slowly pulsing,
Pounding defiantly against death,
Beating the raggedy tempo of something broke,
Harsh reality written in legalese,
Penitentiary time doled out without pity,
Punishment set as deposit against unforgiven mistakes,
Years of anguish,
Sacraments to authority,
Lonely spans of ponderous thought atonement for impulse,
Holding onto the frail anticipation of dreams,
Which, is as intangible,
As real freedom,
Love poured concrete as a desire,
Is elusive to hold,
Regardless of covetous thoughts of unknown lovers,
The corroboration of facts,
Articulates my loneliness,
And stone scribed convictions tremble habitually beneath the yoke of adversity.

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