OneBillionRising Reply

Hey I just wanted 2 let ya
Know that I’m Oso sorry 4 the
Pain I’ve caused 2 ya and startin’
Your life of mysery of heroin
And the streets of no mercy.. also
I wanted 2 say I did love
Ya with all my heart and soul
Even though it didn’t seem
That way… I just didn’t know
How 2 show ya ‘cause it’s
Hard 4 me 2 show or express
My feelings because of my
Extensive stay in
Institutions all of my life.. I’ve
Learned 2 not show or express
Them because you’re liable 2
Get hurt very bad.. the Lord
Knows how much I loved you
And only wanted the best 4 you
In your life I apologize
That I couldn’t bring it
To you I wish you the best
Life has to offer you from
Here on out even if it’s
Not with me
God bless you
And my step son…
Love always Oso…
A Billion Rising
A billion and one voices united together a billion and one screams
That’s two billion and two eyes crying for a billion and one shattered dreams
What have we become? What have I become?
Who am I to distort the dream of love?
I am nothing and yet I have become the monster I swore never to be
A product of violence at the hands of evil deeds
Even now as I stand before you my heart aches with remorse within the silence of its shame
To know that I the son of my mother allowed myself to become another reason for their pain
Just another statistic of domestic violence
And another reason for what is wrong with our society
How could I shame myself like this?
To bruise the same beautiful lips I used to kiss
God how could I take the happiness away
From the same lips that comforted my pain?How could I hurt the one voice that showed me the most love?

When she was the only one there for me when no one else was.
So now just like the dog that bit the hand that fed him
I beg of your forgiveness
And I promise you I’ll apologize for the rest of my life
If that’s what it takes, to apologize a hundred and a billion and one times.
But for now we’ll start with this. To every woman I’m sorry for anything I’ve ever done
to have ever made any of you ever feel unloved.
From the depths of my soul and all sincerity of my heart
I’m sorry if even for a second I made you forget who you really are
in fact I’m sorry for anything I ever did to hurt you
Even if it was something as simple as forgetting to remind you that you were beautiful.
God I’m so sorry for every night of every day
That I was ever responsible for taking your happiness away
And I’m sorry for every tear that ever fell from those beautiful eyes
On account of my anger or on account of my lies.
And today I stand before you and pray with everything that I am
That one day you will be able to find happiness again.
I’m sorry
A billion and one times I’m sorry.

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