Please Remember This… Reply

Remember This 
Please remember this that I’m
sorry Dad.
Please remember this, I
remember when you let me
drive in Anton Chico.
Please remember this
That I am truly sorry
for everything that I’ve done
in my life to hurt you
or my familia.
Please remember this
I am not like my brothers.
Pero please remember this Dad
I will always love you.
Please remember this that
I see a lot of you in me.

Please Remember This 
Before I die and take my last breath can you
learn to honor and please respect this
I can give you a memory
something like a dream,
a Dr. King Speech
As I insert this memory in your domain
call my Syphilis ain’t no real cure for me
Actions speak louder than words but words burn
so let my words melt away your memory burns that
I am a man not Merlin
I’m no magician but I took care of your
daughter before she started kickin’
Remember how I used to sing to her with my hand on your belly and
you felt her turn Remember how I used to take
your cramps away I would tell you a joke and you
would laugh for days
Remember my love don’t
Remember my pain
Remember my game don’t
Remember my shame
Remember my smile don’t
Remember my frown
Can you please remember this
Remember how my family
Always looked up to me
Remember how I taught “M” all her ABC’s
Remember how our love was like Beauty and the Beast
Can you please remember this
Word for word note for note line for line it’s mine
origination is a very important key of time
To remember everything I ever said or did to sine
could change perceptions of the power of time to

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