Smile For Me… Reply


We remember having to smile for the camera. For some of us it comes naturally, and for others it may not, and so, that is probably the reason we’re told to say cheese, right before the photographer snaps our picture. A smile shows we’re holding up, making the best of our day, or better yet, it means we’re having a great day.
It’s seldom that i see a person cry from laughter, but one person I do remember doing so was my father. It will be 22 years this October, that my dad passed away. I was unable to see him, and actually witness his death with my own two eyes, because his casket was closed for the service and funeral; When I dream of him, it’s as if he never died, the dreams seem so real. This always brings a smile to me. He taught me many great things, but one I specifically like and very much appreciate, is caring for, handling, and working with a horse. He once told me that just because he played and did a lot of kidding around with my two younger sisters, it did not mean that he loved me any less. Though his loss was an enormous shock, these memories of my father always bring a smile to me.
My definition of peaceful, happy moments, would be sitting by a crackling campfire, beside the woman in my life, with the sound of a flowing stream nearby, looking up through the aspens to a sky full of shining stars…
Waking up next to the woman I love, with her beautiful long hair flowing over her bare shoulders on down her back, as she lays comfortably in my arms, I get up trying not to wake her and make my way to the kitchen with no rush, to make breakfast on this lazy Saturday morning; This brings a smile to her face, and in return does the same for me.
I heard my mother say she loves her children, but grand kids is a different kind of love. I don’t have any kids, so as close as i come to this, is seeing my sisters and brother in laws raising my niece and nephews properly. That combined with their disciplined behaviors, brings a smile to my face.
My mom, a little petite, yet so strong and hard working in her age, who went through some extreme difficult times when she was younger, has always worn a smile, as far back as I can remember. Seeing her remarried and happy, tending to her flower beds and cleaning her beautiful home – can’t forget her cooking – I see all this change for her which brings a smile to my face.
These days I don’t have the privilege to see the sunrise out of the kitchen window. The results of my actions is having a view out of a jail cell window, looking out to a whole lot of inmates roaming the floor, due to an over-crowding jail. Through this i tell myself that, though I’ve gone astray and have fallen behind in my path in life, I consider it getting a late start yet having a goal to make it. This brings a smile of confidence; it’s an effort on the road toward success, bringing out that potential to the fullest.
A heartbreak is a pain so deep it goes to your very soul, leaving you with a felling of drowning, fighting for air; but like a callus, your heart won’t hurt that way again. Through this I learned about love, what woman wants and expects, how to treat her and what she desires. This brings a smile with hope, because life still goes on through our difficulties.
As we can see, a smile brings out all that is good; hope, serenity, peace, love and the list goes on, sending a positive energy to those around us.
So as I stand here amongst peers, sharing these words I’ve put together, I think they as well as anyone else reading this, can agree that a smile from you, will most definitely bring another smile to someone else, and then from there, on to others throughout the day. So smile, the message speaks for itself.


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