The Beauty of Love is… Reply

The Beauty of Love is
To me, the beauty
Of love is in your
Beautiful smile, it’s
In the sparkle of
Your green eyes, the
Beauty of love is you
It’s when you scold me,
Or get on my case
Because you know what’s
Right for me when I didn’t
J – you are the
Beauty of my love
And I hope to never
Lose the beauty I love.
~MM aka P
The beauty of love is…
Something so hard to describe
A feeling that subsides, somewhere deep inside
A burning flame the soul needs to survive
A deep seated emotion, w long to feel alive
Something so intense, like the beauty of her eyes…
Never burning out like stars in the night sky.
An everlasting emotion so strong it can make you cry
The thought of never knowing is emptiness inside
The broken cracks of one’s misfortune had he only tried…
The beauty of love is… what makes it all worth while
An unexplainable force as mother connects with child.
Beauty of LoveI tried to envision the true beauty of love,
But I couldn’t see anything except the soft glow of the morning sun framing your hair like a halo,
Your smile broke my heart with tenderness,
My empty cup was filled with affection,
And I was a spiritual being given to the spirit,
I felt my wants cast to the distant shores of longing for something more than the physical embodiment of love,
My will to fight the desires I could not fathom overwhelming,
I realized that lust was only the sexual supplement for something pure,
You broke down the barriers I had built,
The lies and bedposts I once hid behind and the dimly lit bedrooms,
All the shackles of heartache in which I had encased my heart,
All the temporary reliefs I dressed the lies in,
Fell distastefully on the floor,
Discarded garments of the past no longer needed to clothe the present,
The true beauty of love was the reverent belief I began to see as redemption,
The salvation of a single soul through forgiveness,
In your eyes, the hatred of soft touches vanished from my mind,
In your touch and in your words everything but this moment was forgotten,
All the crushed hopes and regrets,
Nothing but stepping stones to a better ending,
I tried again to envision the true beauty of love,
I was alone and the darkness surrounded me with doubts,
I felt the weight of collapsed aspirations and the threat of the many more to be,
But still I closed my eyes,
And again I saw your face,
Felt the warmth of your affection and the love of a woman I have not known,
Even if I’ve held her tenderly in my arms a thousand times,
A thousand different nights,
The true beauty of love shone through the dark solitude,
It was the strength of a dream I dreamt constantly,
Driving me forward,
Holding me,
Comforting my insecurities and challenging my weakness with cravings I could not deny,
True love was beautiful to me in the darkness much like the sunrise after a violent storm,
The true beauty of love I began to see not as a tangible conquerable task,
But the simple truth,
The hope that springs from surviving,
The soul inspired quest for happiness no matter the cost,
Consequence or not,
The true beauty of love was and is not the possession of it,
But the belief that all good,
All faith and all forgiveness,
Must be found on the path that leads to love


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