The World Is… 1

The World Is

The world is cold blooded filled with

impure thoughts and tormented spirits prowling
in the darkness determined to find the weak minded.
So defenseless drained, paralyzed by its demonic hopeless
shaken all the way down to the core of the earth
ready to erupt like a raging volcano.
Our world is genocide crucified by the demons
in the darkness raped by the addiction collapsing damaged
veins. crystalized by the meth resin the shadow
people and the shadow bugs breathing through the
vent whispering in my ear in tongues sending me
on suicide missions me against the world. Judged
by honest criminals doing time to satisfy the system
that’s controlled by my master.
The world is full of deceiving beauty the only
comfort between them and me is my sanity torn
through the serpent’s taste of words charmed by
decaying roses I disarm my pride but not surrender.
The world is simply filtered by its madness
I live in.

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