Where I’m From… Reply

I Am: I Am From

A God’s gift from my mother’s womb
Albuquerque, Burque, coming soon
breaking all the rules
acting a fool. Jeteye on my side in my mind
through incarceration. Only thing
on my mind is why I make her cry.
say goodbye to the evil life…. see
my loved ones that passed away
in that after life. Alicia my girl
and make her my wife. Smelling
this sweet life of after death.I’m a son
I’m a lover
I’m a brother
I’m a soldier
I’m a hustler
I’m a fighter
I’m a poet
I’m a sinner
I’m an angel
I’m a dog
I’m God’s gift
I’m one and only
I’m fucked up
I’m human
I’m a star
I’m a rider
I’m a role model
I’m real
I’m a king
I’m an asshole
I’m a douche bag
I’m happy
I’m sad
I’m hungry
I’m high
I’m on one
I’m me
I’m a bad ass
I’m God’s gift
I’m here
I’m gone
I’m late
I’m early
I’m human.


Where I’m From

Cell 3 is where I’m from for now,

It is my home, my toilet, it is my closet
It is where I eat, I am from my bedroom
if it makes sense. Where I’m from
I smell my brother’s feet and his stank ass
breath – Where he and I breathe. I am from where
I pee. I come from my mother’s stomach
I end my run in cell three. I shouldn’t say end
more like spend some time, take a rest, get
paid back with life understanding. Where I’m
from is my own cage it’s where I spread love
It’s where I pass my hate. It’s where truths are said.
and lies are laid. I am from my own
thoughts in my head. I am truth when I speak,
I am unique to everyone around me. I am what
I believe. the greatest thing to touch this
Earth, why, because it’s what I feel I am.
I am the pen when it bleeds, when it flows
to create magic in words. Put a cap over
me so I don’t dry out, I am illegally writing
on something. I am to the point and the world is
my pad waiting for expression to be had.


I Am From 

BurqueI am from Albuquerque one of the oldest
cities in the USAI’m from a place where legends
are made.

I am from where the cotton woods
sound like water running in
the river.I am from San Jose from the
old school.. homes you know where
legends are made and bills
are paid, just like the tortillas
grandma on Walter St. made.You know I’m from where
legends are made.
you know, Albuquerque made.
I’m from San Jose, made.I am a son
I am a brother
I am a grandpa
I am a writer.
es-queI am a boxer
I am a dog owner
I am a lover
I am a student
I am a handball playerI am a veterano
I am an Aragon
I am a family man.


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