Who Can I Trust… Reply


If you walked a mile in my shoes you would see that
my feet hurt
my feet hurt
I do this for the kid who can’t stop cutting,
for the baby boy,Who wakes up every morning without a daddy!
for the druggy who wont wake up to see tomorrow 
you know the child that’s bound to be that druggy
for the one who’s sober but relapsed!
For that guy
The streets never knowing if he’ll make ends

You know,
the one you visit twice a week…
I do this for the mouth of that silent girl who won’t speak!
I do this for the Duke City Junky – Who? Me!
For Albuquerque!

Moms? She’s asleep… I mean she worked 70 hours this week!
with 6 mouths to feed, we call her 6 kids one mom, AKA my Mommy!
I do this for the voice that wont be heard
I do this for, ring… “Hello, yo it’s Jules, dude I’m sick…”
for us the people
See I could go on and on and on
But there’s only one way and I’ve
already been left so I’m trying right… well I begin…

I write because, well, ’cause there has to be a start!
So I’ll to my story through this pen!
and who do I trust?
I trust the flower to bloom in Spring
The sun to be a burning ball of fire
even someone like you!
’till you prove me different.

See I do this for a reason I do know!
and that’s to see a smile on three little faces
I do this for them!
every morning yeah,

If you walked a mile in our shoes,
you would see
see that our feet hurt


Who Can I Trust

Ring ring…
Hey what’s up, it’s Eric
“Where you at?”
Barcelona and Isleta
“What’s the deal?”

I need a regular…
“Aight gimme 10 minutes, when you see me, hit the spot.”

Dope man feeding off me like a hungry lion,
and I give in, give in… Who can I trust

In this game full of wolves
everyone’s hungry
kill or be killed. Everyone wants to take
and I can’t get ahead… Who can I trust

I’m tired
I’m tired and I can’t go to sleep
I’m tired and my rest doesn’t take place in a bed.
I’m tired
I’m tired of all the lies, tired of
all the deception. Everyone’s my friend but no one
has my 6… Who can I trust

Ring Ring… Ring…
So what’s up?
“I’ll be right there.”
try to hurry I’m not feeling so well…
“I’ll be right there.”

My body
screaming for something that’s in the
hands of someone else how can things have
gotten like this… Who can I trust
I can’t even trust myself.
Chasing something that can
never be caught. playing a game that can never
be won. Deception at its finest.
     Who Can I trust…
No one…

Ring Ring Ring…. Ring Ring Ring… Ring Ring Ring


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