Who Do I Thank… Reply


I would like to thank my grandma,
for always being there,
for always showing her love
and just saying I care,
for always lifting me up,
when I was feeling down,
for showing me amazing grace,
oh how sweet the sound,
and all this time that I’ve been away
my grandma’s been right there
arms open,
letting me know,
I’ve got somewhere to stay,
and when life got more hectic,
than words could explain
she did all she could to push me through,
and help me maintain,
and I know one day she’s going to leave,
to live in the sky,
I just pray to God it’s not soon.
Because I’m not ready to say goodbye,
you would always sing to me,
“You are my sunshine,”
well grandma,
I want you to know
you are also mine,
and I know I may have a funny way to show it,
but you mean the world to me,
and I know that you know it,
I’m sorry I stole from you,
If I could go back,
that’s the one thing I wouldn’t do
when I compare the guilt to the gain,
it just wasn’t worth it,
and what hurts worse is you forgave me
and I didn’t deserve it,
now that I’m grown up,
I’m so thankful you took me in as a kid,
I just wish I wouldn’t have treated you guys
the way that I did.
through these words,
I hope I’ve made it at least a little easier to see,
that I really do appreciate everything you’ve done,
and are still doing for me.
thanks, grandma.



Who Do I Thank ?

Who do I thank?

Well, where do I start?
I guess from the heart.
I thank, well, I’ll tell you who I don’t thank,
I don’t thank my parents
for having me
having to see
my dad OD
in front of me
in a coma, pull the plug
death such an ugly aroma
and my mom a full-blown “alkie”
drunk every day and thinks she’s ok
guess I’ll run away
and did
but did she come after me,
hell no!
14 years old
out in the cold,
out in the cold
man, this world is so fuckin’ cold

Ok, now back to who I thank,
No, wait, Let me tell you who I don’t thank
I don’t thank a drug named Crank
7 years all strung out
skinny and my face all sank
just being frank
now I’m out of cash fiending
guess I’ll rob a bank
and did
Now I’m sitting in the feds
doing a 3 year bid
never was able to be a kid
and my addiction
I seem never able to get rid

Alright, I remembered someone to thank,
but first I have to not thank my uncle
for exposing me to that porn movie
with that hottie getting spanked
and his rod getting yanked
and ridden
addicted to this shit
now I’m making clips
with my hands on her hips
making her say
oh, shit!
but the next day at the clinic
wishing I didn’t go all up in it
unprotected now I’m infected
man, will I ever learn my lesson?

I know, I know there’s someone to thank,
let me see, oh no I don’t thank
no I don’t thank me
or should I say myself
trying to blame everything
and everyone else.
instead of taking responsibility
for my own decisions
pornographic visions
needle incisions
drug business
crack missions,
sitting in a spiritual prison
of me in a hearse,
will anyone even attend my funeral
at the church?
But it don’t stop
it keeps getting worse
man it’s like,
it’s like I’m fuckin’ cursed!
Destined for destruction
shit, another dumb ass infraction
fatal attraction
me and my wife
10 years of marriage
now she decides
to start a new life,
Fuck, I said Fuck!
Looks like I’ve hit rock bottom!

But wait, wait I said!
that means there’s only one way to go,
that’s up and forward
cant believe I’m not dead
I hear a still
a still small voice
saying make a choice
and you do have someone to thank
Damn, I almost forgot
who it was that prevented me from getting shot
at that bank
and allowed me to get caught
so that my addiction would stop
and didn’t die when I hit that tree
at 90
running from that cop
so what I’m saying
is there is still hope

I thank the one who took
me off the dope
and helps me to cope
and say nope
to the porn
gave me a chance
to be reborn
healed my heart
that was torn
now I’ve been forgiven
for the way I was livin’
and can forgive those
I wanted to blame,
no more shame
no more games
but I know it’s
time to make a change
so my advice
is to give your life
to the Lord Jesus Christ
it is not too late
take it from me,
So who do I thank?
Who do I thank?
I thank the Almighty
The Almighty


Who Do I Thank? 

Seldom do I find myself alone in my head.
Sanity and insanity held in balance by a thread.
Silence is golden that is true.
No more voices trying to be you.
Each one different in their own way.
It’s a battle for control day after day.
Blanks in my memory for days at a time.
Leaves me wondering who’s turn it was to shine.
Was it the one that not even I could trust?
or the was it the one that is full of lust?
Maybe the one that’s sad and blue
how about the one that’s too good to be true?
I hope it wasn’t the one I call Jack of the Knife.
That motherfucker almost caught me a life.
I only hope that who’s ever in charge
doesn’t make me a fugitive at large.
The courts don’t care who’s who that day.
Their only job is to make someone pay.
I try like hell to keep everyone in line.
My life is a bitch nowhere near divine.
It get’s harder and harder to keep them at bay.
I tried medication that wasn’t the way.
Maybe I should try something bigger.
Before I put my finger on the trigger.
I’m still strong. I haven’t lost the will.
I just this battle is fuckin’ up hill.
Maybe now that I’m alone in my mind.
A better way or solution I’ll find.
Something solid to keep me strong
Because there are way too many thins that could go wrong.
So you ask who should I thank
You can ask the others my mind’s a blank.


Who Do I Thank

Who do I thank?

Thank a blessing in a fitted hat
with a swag that carries him in a place of
with nothing to worry about
except you think they need paper or pencils.
or, the second blessing
in disguise
a woman stronger than most men.
with a smile that lights up any room.
The two people who barely knew me
but showed me a new and better way of life
to write

Express my feelings

No matter wrong or right
there’s so much I have completed in life
but thank you for all the encouragement
to succeed
and positive insight between these walls
I have a new mission in store
for my life
continue with the program that gave me much
more than any schooling or text book

Could ever teach.
so from the bottom of my heart,
thank you  guys, for
all the love, from the start.


Who Do I Thank

Hey you in orange,

yeah you,

I’m talking to you,

You, you, and you

This world says that we’re a statistic…

And you know what I say?

I said, world

“you can stick your tis’ tic’ up your ass

and if you ask me Who do I thank…
in all this, well, fuck,

now you’ve got me started

shoe me a man who doesn’t make a mistake

and I’ll show you one who does,

to the judge

who sentenced a man for not doing what is

right, is cheating on his wife, tonight

to the teacher

who is teaching her 7th grade class

asking Johnny to spank that ass

to the lawyer who is snorting a big line of coke

to Mr. NFL blowing out a big crack toke.
to the wife who is turning up tricks,

to the student who started doing licks.

To Mr. Construction who’s paying to get laid,

Spent all the money

Workers didn’t get paid

To Mr. President,

Who said he didn’t inhale,

C.O. hangover, face looks pale.

Need I say more, no

Well, I will anyway

Now here’s what the fuck I think,

Before you call me dirty

Wipe that shit off your nose,

Put down the drink,

Pull your panty hose up

And stay home for dinner for once.

‘cause I’m not perfect

and neither are you

take a look in the mirror

and decide for yourself

so if you ask me

who do I thank, in all this

I thank


‘cause I’m not and neither are you

so like I said


you can stick your tis’ tic’ up your ass

‘cuase the only difference between me and you

is you

haven’t gotten caught.


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