Feminism In Action Reply

GI – Questionnaire Responses – UNM Feminism in Action Class

  • I don’t consider myself a writer though I love reading what others have written.  I am interested in writing because it is an outlet and mean of expression that is always available and can be as private or public as desired.  I also have a tendency to have a loose mouth thus writing is a way for me evaluate what I am communicating before it can cause damage or be misinterpreted.
  • I like to write about what is happening in my relationships with those that I love, my community, and the world.  I like to write in a reactionary and raw way, then come back and evaluate it when I am in a different mood or position.
  • I am interested in the way that writing can capture exactly what you are feeling in that point in time, and it can later be reflected upon.  I also love that writing can be a way of communicating things that cannot come out of your mouth for whatever reason.
  • I am nervous about the vulnerability that presenting my work will give me, however I am excited for the challenge.  I am excited to be a supportive and gentle person in someone else’s life.
  •  I would like to learn how to have my own voice in poetry.
  • I hope to learn that I am capable of being honest and vulnerable and allowing others to do the same in my presence.
  • I think I will learn that I can relate to people more than I might expect.
  • I am 22, I am white, and I am participating from UNM.

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