The Reason Why… Reply

The Reason why
I Go To School….
– to learn about who I am
– to never stop growing
– to teach my daughter
– to inspire the future
– to open my mind
– to learn what is known and what is unknown
– to look inside myself
– to better society
– to “LIVE”




I know your name was Dorothy but that everyone called you Dot.

I know you hated that diminutive though no one ever told me why.

There are many things I half know from the scraps of memory that have been tossed my way,

But there is very little I can pin down from so far away.

I know you graduated second in your high school class,

Even though you were a girl,

Even though it was the 1940’s.

I know you loved learning to the point of religion,

And there is speculation that you wanted to attend a university.

But I also know you couldn’t afford it,

And turned down the nursing scholarship that was offered to you.

You didn’t want to be a nurse.

I know that you were cheerful in the morning,

And punctual to a fault,

Because your youngest child, my father, must get that from you.

But I do not know what you listened to on the radio,

If you sang or whistled under your breath as you worked,

Or if you were satisfied with what you had.

I know you were a stubborn woman married to a stubborn man,

And I know you were both disagreeable in your own ways,

But I will never know what those ways were.

I know that you were short and curly haired

And I have been told that I resemble you,

But I can’t say because your pictures are kept hidden.

I know that the reason my father hates hospitals

Is because he watched you die in one

So many years before I was born.

I know less about you than my grandfather

Because your son never talks about you

Without a catch in his voice.

I know I shouldn’t wonder so much about

Someone I have no hope to meet,

But really,

I’ve always been chasing your ghost.




The Reason Why…

The reason why it took me so long to get my undergraduate is now clear to me. I was simply living my life for everyone else but myself. I grew up always knowing that I was going to college no matter what but what I didn’t realize is that I had to go for the right reasons.

I thought I wanted to be a doctor. I really did want to be a doctor at the time because I thought it was going to give me the life I wanted. I wanted the money, the prestige, and ultimately to make my parents happy. I knew deep down it wasn’t what I really wanted to do.

It was only until now that I realized that I need to be living for myself. I need to be selfish. I need to do what I want and create the life I have always wanted doing the things that I am passionate about. Today is my last day of my undergraduate career at UNM and I am going on to get a second degree in automotive restoration. My second degree is going to be the degree I get for myself and nobody else.

I have finally taken the first step in living my life for myself…





The reason y there is consternation in this world, isn’t due to our cultures hold, but rather instincts scorn towards reasons unknown.

The reason y we care for others is true in its reliance. The belief to receive deeds from awkward passer by’ers .

The reason y civilization has flourished in the past century, or even hundred years is due to our American strife and lost lives. We boom in generations, and repeat our integration. Open borders for the world too introduce more brethren. American spirit unmentioned, just self-patriotism for those who choose to believe realism. Make a path of chaos or concord, any direction to go, in our pursuit of happiness and living dead horror.




The reason why I decided to change my major at the last minute was because I am afraid to graduate and not get a job. I am worrying about it. Hopefully I do find a job that I will be happy with. My first double major is Sociology and Spanish but now it is Criminology and Spanish. I think changing it will help me get a good job and that I will be interested. Also it will help me out to get the job I really want. I want to become an immigration judge.





I often wonder why the world is falling off

Corporate greed like pigs at a trough

Maybe it’s something we fail to seek

Like life after death or a life that’s complete

From my point of view it’s not too complex

We don’t invest in our youth and we leave them a mess

It seems like they have three strikes from the get

Daddy in jail and mom smoking meth

What kind of life do we expect them to lead?

We glamorize gangsters and promote smoking weed

In the Bible it states “the meek shall inherit the earth”

Without a fair chance then what’s it all worth?

The media will say anything to fatten its wallets

Obama can’t change it and no human can stop it

While our morals and values are on the decline

It’s our children and elders that get left behind

I contemplate ways I could turn it around

We can spark a revolution and just hold it down!

That’s when it hits me it’s out of my hands

Our problems go deep and I do all I can

Our focus should be to take care of our kids

To love and to guide them from beginning to end

Some say it might just be the end of our times

Revelations are upon us, and maybe that why.




What reasons do I have to love you?


What reasons do I have to love you

You cruel and bitter man?

You have extinguished my fire

Tarnished my gleam

Shattered my hope


Caged me

Suffocated me

Abused me at all costs

Robbing me of light


How could you do this?

How can you hurt the one you are supposed to cherish

The one you are supposed to love more than anything

The one you are supposed to stand by

The one that can never be replaced


I put my trust in your hands

And you lost it

You betrayed me

Forsaken me in your hate

Broke my heart

Lead me to disappointment


You deceive me and yet I am supposed to be faithful?

How can I be

I despise you

I can’t stand the sight of your disguise

I can no longer stand your petty superficial remarks

Your controlling demeanor

Your selfishness

Your narrow-mindedness

Thinking that the world revolves around you

How can I love someone I hate


I am different

I am better than to succumb to your treachery

To be molded into your image

I don’t need you in my life

I never have

And I never will

I am just a job you were forced to take kicking and screaming

You never wanted me


I am not your slave to follow at your command

I am not here to be your lap dog

Nor am I here to be talked down to

To feel lower than dirt

You will never understand


You never cared for what I feel

What I want

What I dream

Why should I believe you now?

Is your sudden interest to mock me?

To show me my missed opportunity?


If I told you this would you believe me?

Would it penetrate through your thick skull?

Would you change?

Become a better man?


Honestly I could care less

I no longer crave your love

Your approval

Your acceptance


Life isn’t a fairy tale





The Reason Why

The Reason why I love you

Is because your love is true

It is something untainted

It’s just striate up lifted

My heart

You’re so smart

My little sweet tart

The reason why god put us together

Because we deserve each other forever

I always wanted a daughter like you

And you deserve a good mother too

I try to be the best

But I admit it is a difficult test

To accomplish success

And still be the best mom yet

But between work and school

It’s so uncool

Because accomplishing success is cruel

How time flies by

And I can’t lie

I wish I had more time

Because it feels like a crime

To be away

But may I say

You’re always on my mind

Especially when I’m on my grind

To get you anything your hear desires

Because you’re my fire

With your big hazel eyes

Has me hypnotized

In your hugs

And loves

You make me complete

Because you’re so sweet

You’re my little strawberry treat

Your my mini me

Is see

Myself in you

It’s so true

This is the reason I love you





To this day, I still don’t understand

How anyone could do something to cause such

Excruciating pain and suffering to thousands of people. The


Reality must be a combination of hatred, evil and sickness.

Everyone in this nation will always remember the sight of

Ash and debris falling, and people jumping, the horrible image of that

September morning will forever be seared into our collective conscious.

Offenses such as this rarely abide by any rhyme or reason,

Never giving grieving victims any kind of relief or closure.


What happens next and where we go from here will decided

How history will remember us. We must overcome the tragedies of

Yesterday and push on, acknowledging that we may never know the reason why.



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