Allow Me To Show You… Reply


Allow me to show you what it’s like to be me
Me not as a single person defined by the self
Me as a whole
a whole constituted of people that I have never personally met before
Those understand what it’s like to say goodbye while never being able to let go
Me lost among a deficient group of women
Black women
Foreigners that can barely speak english
People from ,what your allies call, a third world country
Allow me to show you something other than what the media paints forges and presents in its own language
that is translated and understood from 4 cornered perspectives
Did you know that Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere
We are assigned a poverty described by your people
But nobody ever talked about the little girls  that had the best childhood of their life
a childhood that is hunted by the memories of what a perfect life is
A perfection that can only be reached at a specific destination
Hunger was satisfied by the joy of running around the backyard all day
times spent with siblings that look out for each other
missing parents that were seen in the morning at 8Am and at night at 8PM
Love was never spoken
Love was shown through actions of hardship and sacrifices
If only we could take those days back
If only our motto engraved in the 200 year old flag was ever taught to our youth
They are not just some young kids
they are the future that will continue what their parents were never able to give
Lessons learned from ancestors long dead
Toussaint Louverture , Jean Jacques Dessalines, Jean Pierre Boyer
and the list goes on
Allow me to show you
Allow me to teach you
The beauty of love
Love does not have to be spoken
but a five year old cannot always tell the difference between the mom that works all the time because she desires a future for him and the mom that does drugs on the side but gives the sorry ass I love you speech
A meaningless speech that can only be explained through drugs
Poor kid,
poor us,
poor me
Allow me to show you the joy of being someone else than yourself.


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