I Believe In… Reply

I Believe In…
In days like these,
where there are not enough
minutes in the day to star
believe that
shooting stars sometimes
misplace your wishes.
Believe that the moon
misses you every morning he rests,
that’s why he
always returns,
like clockwork.
He found your hopes and dreams
and pennies in the
Trevi Fountain among gods.
He thinks you are a goddess
in your fair skin and long
Don’t rush this.
The stars will find your wishes
when the moon rises again.
You cannot manipulate the clock.
Not this time
I Believe in Butterflies  

I do believe in butterflies                 
They remind me of fairy tales
As they climb out of their veils
I see them flutter by and I smile
I think to myself, they’ll be back in a while
Perhaps God sends us them
From heaven, a little gem
I sit at the park and I watch them flock
I paint them with oil, I draw them with chalk
They come to us, bringing nice weather
There they go again, light as a feather
Here come the rain showers
That brings us spring flowers
Yeah, butterflies make me happy
And yes, sometimes, a little sappy
I do believe in butterflies
Flowers and Weeds
He met her with flowers in her hair, he wanted her to save him,
swallowing her up like she was some kind of vaccine,
but you see,
the girl was only seventeen.
She was looking for love in the sheets,
but it was he, he
who found love between her knees.
He kept telling her love stings,
it stings and stings like the bees;
and it was her who was the birds to his bees,
she made him come alive.
But in this, she did not thrive,
she looked at him and said,
“I met you and these flowers turned to weeds”
She wasn’t a savior and she wasn’t heaven sent.
She was a girl who believed
in hushed words and living each day as a verb
and chasing away thoughts with herb.
She laughed at those herds of sheep
filing in to live life on their knees,
she asked,
“What did praying away your thoughts ever do for you?
Why don’t you get off your ass and make your dreams come true?”
But this nibbled at his insides,
for it was only her,
her who could chase away the feelings
that made him so blue,
he screamed to her,
“It’s only you,
it’s only you,
it’s only you.”
She looked at him with a stare, with thistles of weeds in her hair,
she said,
“I believe in the fallen one, the one
who sees life through bloody eyes
and broken bones,
the one who stands alone,
not because she has to,
but because she wants to.
I believe.
I believe.
I believe.”

A wise man once said : “Stand for what’s right, even if you have to stand alone”
And on this one I know I’m alone
I believe in human nature and its goodness
Bad is just a word
A word invented to stigmatize the weak and fortify the muscle man
See bad is just a different way of seeing things
Put your glasses on and you’ll see it wasn’t all that bad afterall
I believe in one God
Not in multiple churches preaching about peace
But fighting over God
Debating  over who knows or serves  him best
An asshole once told me that he is his God
That he will never place anyone above him because that will make him inferior
but what if he was right
We are our God
We strived to make us happy
But other people come along, priorities pile up

and we lose focus

I believe in equality between men and women
the power of a woman’s heart is indeed equivalent to her man’s nasty words
But again the not so difference existing between bad and good blinds us
We think she’s just submissive and he thinks he’s the shit
Or maybe he is in love but is scared of losing her
And she knows her power so she stays

Stays with him even though it hurts
I believe in love

Love between two souls that had met in a past life as one  but now are reunited again
A love that lasts, one that never dies
After three children and multiple embarrassment plenty of memories and years to come
he can look at me and still say “I love you”
Not just because it feels right, But because it is right
I hope to one day  feel like I believe in myself as much as I believe in you
I am the broken flower that could never be fixed
the water source that stopped running
and I blame myself for everything that ever happened between us
Even though we had always met halfway
I believe in forgiveness
A good friend once told me “ sometimes you have to be able to forgive yourself”
How could I forgive myself when I am the one to blame
I am the reason why that not got broken

The reason why bike rides to the dirty river has no more meaning
The reason why your smile doesn’t look the same
And my eyes are screaming bitterness rather than compassion
Because everytime I see you
I see you but sense a whole different person
Are we that different now?
But I also believe in rebirth

Everytime , we die a little inside of us just to be reborn again
Everytime we fall, we have to stand back up
Stand alone , but still standing.


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