The Way I See It… 1

The Way I See It…

The way I see it,
the stars
are not romantic,
They are security lights.
They give
the night crawlers
something to
gaze upon between
red lights and freeways.
Between midnight
ice cream runs
and broken spirits.
The way I see it,
the stars simply
keep the

The Way I See It…

It’s that blister after the burn,
the oozing sore, the one that pusses
and bleeds and stinks
of rancid, rotted flesh.
It’s our morphed shadow
on the wall, our limbs intermeshed.
It’s that devil in my mouth,
dancing on my tongue,
that loud little parasite
ostentatiously reciting riddles
I must promise to repeat.
It’s those days I don’t eat,
those days that sick
little pest just won’t rest
and buzzes, and beats,
and begs me to play.
It’s the cracks in the sidewalk,
the barking of the dog
and those days I just don’t want
to talk, when that last bowl
inhaled in my lungs
doesn’t seem to make
me numb,
it’s my tired reflection
at twenty-one,
those days when I just can’t
seem to come.
It’s your exhausted breath
on my neck, those tiny lightening
strikes of my hair
and the pillow,
those days when just nothing brings you ease,
but hey,
the way I see it, these are all
just the scars on your knees,
the ones you so long ago,
let bleed.


The Way I See It…

 of past experiences
A lost love long gone
A stained heart
Those are the things we regret
Regret over things that we wished never happened
The way I see it is those things make us whole
We could say we learned
learned lessons about life, love and struggle
But what life are you living if you’ve never been through hell?
Are you not trying ?
Are you not liking it?
How could you say you don’t like something if you’ve never tried it?
The way I see it is you have to taste to be able to judge
It doesn’t matter what he or she said in the past
It doesn’t matter who they were

What kind of personality are you building if you following them?
And again it doesn’t matter who they are.
The way I see it is you need a say in whatever you do

because even though there are laws and them and you

At the end of the day it is you
And what type of example are you setting to the people that look up to you
One that says because he likes this, I do too
Or are you standing up for what you believe

Even though there are 101 chances that you be ridiculed
The way I see it is we are all different coming together to achieve the same thing
It could be through God
But see God is just a figure of what is perfect
Perfection though, is unrealistic
perfection could be that really deep conversation you had long time ago
With that teacher that you never liked but that taught you a lesson
A lesson that haunted your mind

But now makes more sense
Because see back then, we had no worries
Going to school and running around the backyard
was all we knew

The way I see it is the way it is supposed to be
Finding what makes you and you only happy!


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