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Prompt:  Allow Me to Show You

Allow Me To Show You
the sky reflected in the oily puddle at my feet.
The air exhaled quickly in shallow breaths
trying to avoid the noxious gas –
I hang up the pump, pumping gallons into
exhausting, exhaling, living breathing life,
under the engine, the beautiful glorious hood,
choking bees, forcing, raping the ground,
missionary style,
hauled hoses latch on
in the middle of the night;
the calm before the blast.
I look down at my feet,
see the edge of longitudinal oil slick
glazing back at me, iridescent,
shale-shaped, chipped, fractured,
popped out and landed from the injection
like a needle in my knee to make the pain go away.
Find the sweet spot,
rejoice in the money, the jobs,
the force of humans on nature
to bring up her orgasmic richness,
reached in long and imaged
like the million dollar baby’s vomit I am standing in.

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