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JustWrite is a project that is intended to “build community.”  The idea and concept of taking previously disconnected populations and intertwining them via the internet in a dialogue, and creative process that speaks to the human nature of all those involved, is our way of saying “There is no wrong, JustWrite.”  We take too much time, dividing ourselves, sectioning ourselves and each other off in this world – but here and now, there need not be any divided space; with JustWrite, through our website and our vision we can exist, together!

We say “we,” because we would like you to be involved.

To find out how you can “Get Involved” email us at

Thank You,
JustWrite crew

Here are ways you can make a difference:

1.  Attend an Event.  

2.  Donate.  If you’d like to donate to this project or our NonProfit, email us at

3.  Volunteer.  Volunteer opportunities coming soon.

5.  Shop for a Cause.  We’ll have an art store on our site in the coming months.

6.  Write.  Email us at to participate in our write exchange.

7.  Be a Participant.  If you teach at a university or have ideas on how your organization or group can participate in JustWrite, send us your ideas at

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