Evidence I Exist Reply

5 Minute Head Clear 


On my own level I sometimes don’t

understand. but I can tell you, I’m a great

thing, a great asset to da’ word

talent. I do exist. hear me out, to myself,

for those whom I can care less about.

Like me or not, I’m fine with myself.

Trust me or not, hey dats my nam. Over

confident, cocky, I stay. Over achieve

in my own way, but damn can’t get dis’

shit right. Loved by most, act like I don’t care

fucked up head knows better… feel me…

I get it. On the other hand I see what is heard.

hear what is thought and never feel like shit

all too much. Ya get it. Huh? Never mind. I get

as I know. Knowledge flies out my trap runs

wild. That’s why you might remember bits and

pieces. Evidence of brain twisted thoughts

seem humanly right, only cuz I see it different.

now heads up, as I get yo’ attention

for my next line. Ya ready? Get greedy

to do shit right for yourself. Cuz you will

get left behind by others.

self inner peace phase.






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