Please Remember This Reply

Please Remember This 

Before I die and take my last breath can you

learn to honor and please respect this

I can give you a memory

something like a dream,

a Dr. King Speech

As I insert this memory in your domain

call my Syphilis ain’t no real cure for me

Actions speak louder than words but words burn

so let my words melt away your memory burns that

I am a man not Merlin

I’m no magician but I took care of your

daughter before she started kickin’

Remember how I used to sing to her with my hand on your belly and

you felt her turn Remember how I used to take

your cramps away I would tell you a joke and you

would laugh for days

Remember my love don’t

Remember my pain

Remember my game don’t

Remember my shame

Remember my smile don’t

Remember my frown

Can you please remember this

Remember how my family

Always looked up to me

Remember how I taught “M” all her ABC’s

Remember how our love was like Beauty and the Beast

Can you please remember this

Word for word note for note line for line it’s mine

origination is a very important key of time

To remember everything I ever said or did to sine

could change perceptions of the power of time to



Remember This

Please remember this that I’m

sorry Dad.

Please remember this, I

remember when you let me

drive in Anton Chico.

Please remember this

That I am truly sorry

for everything that I’ve done

in my life to hurt you

or my familia.

Please remember this

I am not like my brothers.

Pero please remember this Dad

I will always love you.

Please remember this that

I see a lot of you in me.


Please Remember Me


Please remember me and the

times with you I would

be, from laughing so loud

to making you so proud,

remember the times we sat

and talked because life in

myself I’ve found, remember

the days we ran so far

till’ we heard our hearts pound

again and again I

say please remember the sound,

saying please don’t let go,

all you have to do is move

forward, life ain’t about

forgetting but it’s about

remembering the picture

on the mount, yes we

have fought and cried, but

don’t ever lose who you

are inside.-AM




Please Remember This


Please remember this…

I will always love you.

But it’s time for me to go. I’m tired of you

treating me like I’m your fuckin’ hoe. I was

always there no matter what, through thick

and thin. And now you have taken it too far.

You’ve crushed my heart and murdered my soul.

But “please remember this…” I never hurt you.

And never left you alone… To be honest when

I’m by your side is when I’m really at home.

But always and forever don’t exist matter fact

when I heart it, it fuckin’ makes me pissed.

“Please remember this…” You will be the

one to kick back and reminisce. All the crazy

shit you did with just one little kiss. But

yet I’ll be the one to be missed, so “please

remember this…”





Please Remember


Please remember

that I tried my hardest

I’ve always wanted to be perfect

for you.

but the shit that I do

always upsets you.

bringing tears to your eyes

always made me wanna die

So I left

thinking that would be best

I’m better off on my own

that’s what I always wanted was

to be alone

I never wanted to hurt you

but to make you proud

so the shit that I do

mama was always for you.

please remember that.





Please Remember This


It’s my only wish

to be remembered in some way

or to be remembered in one way

I want to change lives

I want to move mountains of Gold

I wanna be strong and bold

fight for what’s mine

and never back down.

I don’t want to drown

in my faults and fails

I sit in this place like hell

the stories I could tell

It’s all for the best

we aren’t like the rest

We’ve messed up in some way

but that does not define us.

because in us we trust.


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