Thinking Outside the Prompt Reply


I’m just like any other
troubled teenage girl.
I chose to run the streets
and acted as if drugs were
my world never really
knew what I had until
it was gone. and everyday
I fiend, cuz I haven’t hit the
bubble in so long. deep
inside I know what I’ve
been doing was wrong.
but if it ain’t right, can
I put down my wrongs
and change them
into a song…



Living in all this struggle.
Cuz in my hood you got to hustle
if you want to get what you think
you need. but it’s
really for what you fiend
I’m steady pouring out that vapor
Just making my heart bleed.
To calm my nerves.
I’m writing down my words.
I used to slang dope.
from green, black, to coke.
So that I could cope,
now I’m stuck in Juvie
using Bob Barker’s soap.
but now, I see that this

was my sign that
made me change my mind
So I’m done with this life of crime.
But I’m still in the end gonna
get mine. When I get out
I’m going to get a job.
Going to work hard.
and not gonna rob or
smoke another stone. Maybe
get a two story house or a legit
cellphone. And call
my auntie and tell her “hi.”
I will never again leave my family’s side.
I don’t wanna cry anymore.
But I ain’t going to lie, I used to
pack glocks and sell rocks
even straight running from the cops.
Trying to keep stacked up on that guap.
yeah, I’ve witnessed the scene, steady
stackin’ did what I had to do

even held it down for my crew,
but now this game has changed on me.
And I’m askin’ people to pray for me.

Now I’m livin’ in this cage my mind
is going insane.
I got homies livin’ for when they

release me from my chains.



I am a broken heart tryin’ to pick up pieces and
start all over see I don’t want people to see
past my cover ’cause I am an abused lover and no
I don’t mean sex but love I am wishing on the
clouds above wishing I was a white dove that could
fly away but my feet are too stuck so i have to
stay and just on my bed lay I am a weeping girl in
a cold world tryin’ to find out who I am but doing
it to please myself is a scam ’cause…



I keep praying for miracles but
they never happen.
yes inside my heart
it hurts that life for me
I wish I could be smart like
everyone else.
No one knows the
pain I go through. I wanna
taste the free air of life not
hate. If I knew I was ready
for this I would feel life.
I want to learn more things
I wanna break free from
the hurt. I want people to treat
others as they would wanna
be treated. When life shows you
light you go to it. The feelings
I have hurt…



I dream that one day I will be a better person
by being successful not doing drugs having a better
relationship with my parent with my brothers
my sisters and my wonderful boyfriend.
I have so much people that care and I care that they care
but I realized that I should care about it if my
parents care or not. I finally opened my eyes and
seen that. 



The reason why I act like the junk yard dog that intimidates

All acts of life it smiles of kindness

it growls and mean mugs

I proceed with caution

I love and know it’s time to learn

like scars I wear like badges of honor of time

I left my guard down and been attacked from all sides

Love to me is like a game

I win at it a couple of times

then all of a sudden a new trick comes out

So then I hear growls

the redness covers my eyes

like captives in a whore house

Why did I become a person I despise

the reason I didn’t learn my ABC’s in school

I learned how to load my heart with hate

and gun with bullets

my thoughts with lies

so that’s the reason you don’t lock eyes

with his locked up mistried



under loved but





Life is Always Hard 

When you look at me and you look into my

eyes what do you see

Do you see me in disguise or do you wonder

does this man ever cry

or pay his dues or even pay his ties

I go to church as often

as I can everybody knows it’s hard not to sin

So I reminisce and I start to remember

the things I went through were harder than ever

but then I realized

there was someone by my side the whole time

and I wasn’t going to die

I never gave up when I was at my lowest point

I kept going even thought I wasn’t showing

my brothers from a younger day

how to get their pay I never understood why

the fuck I had to stay they put me through

hell I was always in a cage they never gave

me a chance to turn the next page.


Life is always hard always hard harder than

you think


life can break you down can make you frown

like a lost fish in the sea.





Sitting here caught up in my messed up thoughts

and my bad understanding not knowing why I

can’t be free taken hostage by people that don’t

even know who I really am.


These people known as the system

as I sit here in this place I know as hell

some call it home or even jail.


Blinded like a bat in the light of day ’cause not

knowing what your fate is can be pretty painful

laying in my bunk at night thinking about my

little ones and my family.


Wondering how they’re making it out there

in the world without me is heart breaking

alone thinking back on all the fucked up mistakes

I made in life knowing I can’t go back and

change none of them now I sit hoping I can

get out of this shit hole.


So I can make up for all the lost time

is the question.


As I sit patiently in hopes of one day being

freed so I can have the chance to ask God

and my loved ones for their forgiveness because

tomorrow is never promised.





Rain rain go away go away won’t you

come back another day another day


When my family needed me the most I was gone

on a dark and lonely road lonely road

I tried to call out for help but there was none

It’s like the Lord turned his back on his son

So then I turned to the streets and smoked some

drugs even though it was a small relief it wasn’t love

I needed me some money so robbery made it easy for

me in these streets I had to eat

Now I’m locked down

in MDC nowhere to go but the only place inside of me

my lonely soul.


So many say these are the last days so I pray

to the Lord would show us better days

All these drugs she can’t refrain she so insane sex for money is

the only thang that keeps her sane.

All these demons lurking in these streets their so mean.

I hope my death wont be in vain

to me can’t meet death

Revelations promise perilous times

how many times will we cheat and steal

and live our lives with endless lies

Are we ever going to wake up and change up

search our souls for the real in us

what it means to love


People try to come and tempt me but I’m too strong

I could never give consent to them

I know they wrong.






I’m stuck behind these behind these bars.

Because of these scars on my arms.

I stab myself over and over cuz’ you say I’ll

be alright.

and late nights, I think of you, dream of you

I thought you loved me like I did you.

Even though I’ll see you with all my friends.

I didn’t care as long as I was next, on your


But over time I started to see, you never cared for me.

I stole from my family, just to keep you around.

All the dirt I did just to prove I was down. for


Now my lil’ brother’s crying asking why, I always run

Back to you.

you would love to see me die.

I often wonder why, I can’t let you go.

I am stuck in your spell it never fails.

When you call for me I go running.

now my family hugging, onto me not wanting

to let go.

I promise and say it wont be

the same as the last time.

but now you put me back in this place, that I hate.

And you nowhere to be found.

Without you I’m sick.

I hate how I put myself through this shit.

I pick up the spoon and pull back with no


Hoping this is the shot that puts me to death

I often say I won’t go back but you just

sit back and laugh.

With an open hand, knowing I’ll be back ’cause

I’m trapped.






Everyone always said I wasn’t shit but

you stayed by my side.

even when the demons had me mesmerized.

I stole from you even though I never really

meant to.

The demons had me convinced I couldn’t let

them go.


But you were there at the starting line.

ready to fight for your son’s life.

Even though everyone gave up on me but you

never could.

I never understood, why not.


With your sleepless nights I feel like shit.

When I think of you laying in bed and crying.

Hoping you won’t get the phone call that I’m dying.


I thought I knew it all.

When I needed you, you were just across the hall

I took it for granted.

And now I wish I was sitting on the couch with

you laughing


I now get upset knowing the path I chose

has you so far

in the mid-night where the monsters lurk you

nowhere to call

I’m sorry for all the hurt I caused

Please don’t ever give up on me I’ll always

love you mom





I’ve been feeling low, real low

like when Big George

knocked down Smokin’ Joe.


Down goes Frazier

Down goes Frazier

Down goes Frazier


not once

not twice

but thrice.


My thoughts are running

wild, running tick tick tick tick

can’t think can’t breathe someone help me

Maybe I should just let go


I don’t know, how high or low

Low I think I have

vertigo. Someone help me

I’m spinning out of control.

I feel as low as I can go.





As the days grow colder, the chip

on my shoulder continues to grow.


Why must I be like this? Only

God knows.


While this storm inside me, builds

day by day.


All I can say, is stay the fuck

out of my way.


On a path of destruction, I’m

going down.


Don’t know if there’s time, to

turn it around.


The path I’m on has been nothing

but pain.


Constant struggles, that are

filled with shame.


With each minute that passes

I struggle to breathe.


The life that I’ve lived you

would never believe.


I’m surrounded by violence, drugs,

sex and greed.


I watched killings some beat

within inches of their life.


I guess they learned, the

love of money comes with

a price.


People say, I’m cruel and

filled with rage.


I’m just misunderstood

trapped in this cage.


In this cage, I have made

my home


If I don’t change I’ll die

here alone…











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