Can You Hear Me Now? Reply

Can you hear me now?
I wish I could talk to my big bro he died around almost two years ago. If I could talk to him I would ask him some stuff and tell him some stuff. I would want to let him know that I miss him and he was the best big bro ever and I would want to ask him, why did you leave so soon? I would want to let him know I’m sorry I wasn’t the best brother I could be and I would want to let him know he took a big chunk out of my heart. I would want to let him know it was hard for my mom and my grandma to take this. If I could to anything in the world to get him back I would. If I had to get rid of all my stuff for him I would.

Can you hear me now?
If I could see you now I would say that I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything I let happen to you. I’m sorry I didn’t protect you like I was supposed to. I would say that I’ll love you no matter what. I’ll love you through the good and the bad even though you have already been put through the worst. I remember hearing your laugh and seeing you smile because you never seemed sad. I remember your favorite barbie still. I remember me, you, and grandma sitting there watching TV. I remember we would spend the whole day outside.

Can you hear me
I wish I could see you again. I wish I would have been older to stop you from what you were doing. I miss hugging you and telling you how much you mean to me. I know you didn’t mean to hurt mom. And I know you love me and Sherry and Luis. Dad, it’s been 5 years, when will you come out of that prison? I actually miss getting screamed at by you. Why would you choose the wrong side? I know it was so you could give us and my mom a better life. You taught me how to be strong and fear no one. And even though you weren’t on the right steps you still had me and my sister on check. I’ve wrote you letters but mom hasn’t sent them. She says “we don’t have your address”. I’m hurting inside. I cry every night. I remember the last time I seen you. You said you were coming right back and you never did. Me and Sherry had to split, mom was in jail too. I know that’s what had you so depressed. I was too little to understand why both my parents were gone. I miss you so much, I feel so empty not having you near me. I was daddy’s girl.

Can you hear me now?
Mom I’m glad that you’re not mad cuz I feel sad about my dad. Why did he leave me? Did he not believe in me? I think so. When I stand toe to toe he says I’m proud that you found why I left. I keep it to myself and I break my shell I hope he’s in hell for leaving my mom and me don’t you see fuck weed plant my seed in the ground.

Can you hear me
I wish I could have spent more time with you. Mom said that you were the greatest person ever. Hopefully one day I will see you again. My mom always told me how you liked me more than any other grand kid. I hope that was true. I’ll give anything to spend time with you, hope you know that. I’m older, if you were here I probably would be different. Or not. I just hope you aren’t disappointed in me.

Can you hear me now.
My grandpa up there that I didn’t get to know. You passed away when I was one month. If you can hear me can you help me be a better person? And behave? Sometimes I wish that you were here with me. Sometimes all I know you by is pictures and what my mom told me about you. If you were here with me I would be asking you and wishing that you can help make me change. A lot. I wish that you were still here so I could get to know you.
Can you hear me now? Remember the ice cream truck, the park, when we used to ride around in your truck? We would chill with Jay and play in the backyard and you would watch us, or when we played basketball and you showed us how to shoot. What was your life like? Can you hear me? Please show me a sign. Please show me a sign.

Mom and Dad, I appreciate you because you help me in life. Like what to do and what not to do. Because you put clothes on my back and put food in my belly everyday. Can you here me now!




My Grandpa who I didn’t talk to much. You inspired me the most. You told me not to give up. You’re who makes me happy and gives me that hope. You bless me with what you got. I miss you Momo, why did you go without saying goodbye? Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you. But everything is going good with me and our family. I still remember those stories you told me. Those days were fun and sometimes scary. I’ll always miss you and think about you. But you are who inspires me!




My grandma has passed away a while back. She has helped me out with a lot of trouble as a little child. She always had hope for me in everything. She fed me when I was hungry the most. She made me happy when I was sad or mad. She always entertained me when I was bored. She never got mad around me or my cousins. She still looks out at me even though she is not around anymore. She chooses the right or wrong for me when certain times come. Like a bad or good feeling about things.




He messed up again. He can’t live a happy life. He keeps trying but never stops. If I could talk to him I would ask him why. Why do you keep messing up your life by doing drugs? You keep telling us you want to stop but you never do. You keep asking us questions, but I have a question for you. Can you hear me now?




I want to ask her.

Ask her what

If she will.

But I’m confused.

Don’t know when

or how.

I’m simply confused.

~Stay Golden




Why did you go?

You left me here on this earth by myself.

You left me

I love you

You told me you will never go

You will always be here with me

I know it wasn’t your time to go.

You didn’t have to go.

You could have just said no

If God wanted you so bad

I could have just gone for you.




This is my poetry to my Dad

You taught me everything. You know about everything. Basketball is our inspiration. Basketball means everything to us. Basketball taught me to have good sportsmanship. Basketball taught me to be a good sport. You bought me everything I needed. So this is why you are important to me. I hope you can hear me now?


Thank you for always being there for me. Also thank you for giving me a nice home/shoes/clothes…



You buy stuff for me

Put clothes on my back

Teaching me right from wrong

Being good parents

Being supportive

Telling me to go to school everyday

My Dad tells me stuff

Like how to be working in the field

Being a good brother to my siblings

Having a healthy life

Being a good person



Even though you are not alive you inspired me to not let anything stop me from what I believe in. You inspired me to play an instrument and express those feelings and beliefs through music. If I could talk to you I would ask you what made you want to be a musician, or who inspired you to be one. I like Fiction and A Little Piece of Heaven. I like Fiction because it shows how even though you write humorous songs like A Little Piece of Heaven you’re still in pain and a whole new person on the inside.



Before my great grandmother passed I would shout to say I love you.

We would go over there and she would be playing bingo. It was cool to see her happy and every time we would go over there she would give us a stuffed animal and I still have some of them. I liked to go over there because I would get to see her. If you can hear me I would like to say I love you.




My Godfather

I wish I could have told him I loved him one last time.

He was a great guy.

He was always nice.

I remember when we went to the beach he would hold my hand when we went into the water.

We would walk along the shore and let our feet sink into the mudd.

I would dance in front of him and he would clap and say good job to me.

The last time I saw him was when I was in New York when I was about 8 and now I am 14.

He died at the New York Yankee Stadium.

If he was still here I would tell him that I love him and that I appreciate him being my Godfather.

I wish you could still be here for me Godfather.




My Grandpa. There he was when I was alone. If I needed help with anything. If I can’t do anything he would make me do something. If I was bored he would make any plain old thing interesting. If I was in trouble he would help me with a solution, and if it fails we would come up with a new one.


I am the person who you see now. I haven’t changed. When I see the stuff that reminds me of my grandfather it brings me to tears. I understand that he is not here. He is in a better place and he is happier.



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