I Am… Reply

I am Native
I am Santa Monica Pier
I am Music
I am the eagle flying so graceful and majestic
I am the lion stalking its prey
I am my Dad’s son
I am Native

I am a person and a sister!

I am a bird!

I wonder what you are!

I wonder what I am doing here!

I hear Stephan talking1

I hear my mom yelling at me!

I see you

I see my friends

I want to graduate

I want to go to California


I love to draw, and what I draw are characters for my stories.

I also like to remember the good memories of my past.

My memories are important to me because without all my good time I would be a hollow person, a person with no emotions but sadness and I wouldn’t want to be that person.

My memories make me happy that I have them, like in my last mini-graph I mentions, if didn’t have them how emotionless I would be.

My memories are like cherished dreams.

My memories are wonderful thoughts.

My memories make me relived and calm.

My most favorite memories are the times I used to go horsebacks riding.


I am

I am twisted, strange and deranged

They cannot fix me, because I AM!


I wonder what my purpose in life is.

I hear the dead, they’re screaming for someone else.

But I hear them.


I see me all alone in the dark abyss.

I want to end this but I don’t want to

Do it cuz I love my family and friends.


I am twisted, strange and deranged

They can’t fix me because I AM!


I pretend to be sad and happy

I feel happy-pain

I touch the souls of others

I worry about myself

I say the truth and nothing but

I hope I find what I want soon

Or else.


I am a Juggalo.


A crowded room. A screaming baby. A scared mother.

October 10th, 1998, the start of my life.

No father, brave grandparents, and still a screaming baby.

Both my mother and father left me, but I wasn’t alone.

My brave grandparents took me in, even though I wasn’t theirs.

They took me to their huge house, out in the middle of the reservation.

We had horses, land, cattle, and pigs, everything you’ll love having as a kid 4 rooms, my grandparents and I, all in one house.

As I grew older, I loved the reservation, but knew I was an outcast.

Unwanted, I felt ashamed to be considered human at all

I began to wear black, sat at the back of class, I had no friends.

All I had was my grandma, such a beautiful and sweet woman.

I wasn’t very close to my grandpa, because he wasn’t a very nice person.

When I woke up in the morning, I had my favorite breakfast.

Eggs, bacon, orange juice, I loved breakfast as a child.

When I went to bed, I was tucked in and was read a bedtime story.

My grandma had an amazing way of bring a story to life

She always made me smile and laugh with every word she said

As I continued to grow, I got better with people, well, some that.

I started to talk, and communicate with others even though I didn’t fit in.



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