I Remember… Reply

I Remember… 

I remember running barefoot
in the summertime
the hot concrete
the hard packed dirt
the small patches of warm grass
burning beneath
that little ‘Burquena’s feet
it gave me life
like feeling the earth alive
calling you by your name
it was like knowing you were born from the sun
raised by the clear blue sky
the Sandias watching over your shoulder
like your Gramma’s all-knowing eyes
it didn’t matter that the souls of little girl feet
became dirty and tough
because that was who I was
I remember
wearing out the knees of my jeans
a little bit too wild
like daring the wind to catch me
couldn’t sit still
like there was a dance buried in me
keeping my legs and arms
in constant movement
often in trouble
a little too rough
but always laughing
my mama hated my wholly jeans and dirty feet
my hair
never wanted to stay in the chongito
my sister braided down my back
I remember the child I once was
and I miss her
now woman full grown
high heels
ironed dresses
hair slicked up into a ballerina bun
far from home
years have grown into my bones
but I still remember
I remember that little ‘Burquena
and on some summer days
when the sun calls my name
I take off my shoes
let down my hair
pull up my skirt just enough to show
the faded scars of scrapped knees
                        and run





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