A Letter to My Younger Self

A Letter to My Younger Self

What it do,
From me to you,
I mean to me,
Whatever it may be,
THINK about what you do,
Don’t let others change the view,
Cause you could be great,
For me, it’s too late
This me you’ve become,
I think you would hate,
I remember back,
when I was still cool,
Now I’m a suckafish,
some chick’s fool
To me it’s nothing new,
So here is a clue,
of what to do,
to not be me,
and maybe you can stay free,
I’m trying to say,
don’t become me,
Listen to what your friend say
About any chick you might play,
Cause it really is for your own good,
Don’t try,
cause it might be too
hard to be understood
Just do as I say,
And you won’t end up this way,
The only thing you can control,
is your
OWN actions,
So think first before something
bad happens
Cause you can’t control others,
like it or not
You’ll build a trap,
and you will get caught.
You’ll find out freedom can’t be
Don’t get stuck behind iron
that wrought
Once you get stuck,
behind these walls
They’ll be no one left to answer
your calls
Good thing we still got handballs
Cause if not,
I’d have nothing
at all
Think hard before you act
That’s so you won’t have
to find out the hard way,
it’s matter of fact.


This is to me,
the younger me,
I’m going to give it to you raw,
the things you are most concerned with,
don’t matter at all,
this is you telling you,
don’t worry about if this is possible,
no matter how impossible it may seem,
It’s happening.
I only get this one chance,
to tell you something
So listen,
The present is a gift, cherish it,
love, truly love everyone you come in contact with.
be gentle and kind,
do the right thing,
take of yourself,
love yourself
take it easy,
no stress,
take your time,
smell the flowers,
be a simple man
Do something amazing,
for your grandmother.
But most of all
be happy,
no matter what.


A letter to my younger self

I am from the depths,
the deepest part of bliss
A letter to my younger self,
The only one I miss,
here is my warning,
heed it well,
obey the law,
stay out of jail,
good intentions
sold to hell.