I am/from

I am from

I am from the Rez,
the Navajo Rez,
up by the four corners area.
How I miss the fresh air,
the cool nights.
Missing the mountains,
missing walking around.
Sitting on top of a cliff,
looking for miles in every direction.
Oh how I miss the mountains.



I am

I am only human,
but I am what I am.
Perfection at its finest,
What you see is what you get,
whether it’s enough for you is not any of my business,
I could care less,
because I’m just like you,
another person trying to find his way and purpose in life.
I am no superman,
but I can be your hero,
by giving you a shoulder to lean on,
or just being there through hard times.
Believe me,
I’ve been there too.
I know how it is,
so it really doesn’t matter who you are.
I am who I am, a hero without a care,
or whatever you want to call me at the moment,
but in the end I am just who I am.


I am

I am misunderstood,
I am educated but,
I’m from the hood,
My plan is to get out and be good,
taking penitentiary chances ain’t as free as it looks
I am caged up,
I am raged up,
Life is a number you just gotta
pick one
but which one?
Dudes be real then fake,
funny how they switch up,
I almost got killed, when I was real young.
Thought it was cool to be a g and shoot guns,
but being in a cell ain’t too fun,
I am a better person,
Just let me be one.



I am from

I am from daughter of Chief of Delaware,
from lands stolen and forgotten,
from tribes lost in the wind,
I am from a home with secrets and closed doors,
Tears hidden and situations unspoken.
From faith broken and rebuilt brick by brick.
From a child, to a woman, to a mother.



I am/from

I am from By the water

I am…
Born to By the water people

I am…
Born to P.J.M.N.M. or
am I D.H.N.J.R.

I am Comfort… or
Am I discomfort
I am Running from you or
am I standing for you

I am all your Love or
Am I less of your Anger
I am so very far from you or
Am I sittin in your heartbeat

I am the greatest or
Am I just pint size
I am two lilies or
Am I one purple scent

I am falling from the Sky to you or
Am I evaporating from ourselves.
I am Love or
Am I hate

I am your Mother or
Am I not right D.N.J.J.R.



I am from

My name is NP
I’m in ya face
like a living race
living will, living skill
that gets you climbing hills
psycho gots you poppin’ pills,
chaotic call it siren drills

I am from, the city of slum,
the cities that’s dumped,
clipped of its wings,
lungs gone when I sing,
although it shines bright when it blings,
scuffed a roughed and tough,
from where I am from,
that is enough.

Inspiration to hit,
racing this shit,
passin’ these hits,
lettin’ ’em trip,
taking a drink,
from a molded sink,
leaves blisters when it’s pink,
black from the ink,
don’t close your eyes,
you’ll miss me in a blink
of an eye,
wander why I
missed out,
behind closed eyes
all you see is a