I was born

I was born…

I was born white
plus hella tight
born to date
learned to hate
Wait up, slow down
born for speed
But I need to
hit the brakes
Not born to do time
maybe to rhyme
born to linger
crack was born for ringers
born to know too much
but can’t find the car keys
born to throw a munch
after I blow trees
born to fall on my knees
and pray
Or to go to church
and pay
my respects
born with no regrets
what the heck
born to cash a check
born without a doubt
to leave no clue
Nobody will figure me out
on the subject
born for public
born in private
with a one eyed lil’ brother/ stash pirate.


I was born during the hot summer nights. Raised on Grandma’s land with my family, was really nice.

Distracted thoughts flow through my mind.
Can’t seem to find some time to unwind.
Been here too long to try to be kind.
I feel like the enemy is on my back.
Creeps up in the middle of the night
dressed in black.