If Dreams Were Real

If Dreams Were Real

If my dreams were real
I wonder if
my life would be too easy
or my learning would be
If my dreams were real,
I wonder if
I would feel pain, overwhelming,
anxiety, heartache, boredom,
If my dreams were real
I would never miss my loved ones
If my dreams were real
my children would forever be like a
white feather,
never grow up,
always soft.

If dreams were real…

I would be in another world fighting
my demons
I would feel like I want to wake up
but I can’t because he won’t let me go
I’m scared I share my bed with
the devil.
I am aware that I need to
beware that I can’t watch scary movies.
Dreams aren’t real.


If dreams were real
My child in my arms forever
water flowing
wind blowing
crickets chirping
Under the stars
night sky
hearts explode overflowing with love
pain melts away into a rainbow of
held by the love above and below
never let go
floating through time and space
into me
out of you
into me.


If dreams were real
We would all be in
gravity upon fantasy
magnificent colors
oh boy I can see,
just you and me,
how possible could that be?
How I need thee,
you would find me on my knees
repenting to be free,
yes that’s me.
Tell me how you love me,
can I see thee
wanting to be free
just you and me,
how fun that could be…


If Dreams Were Real

Man if dreams were real
What a big deal and how great it would feel
I’d probably sometimes have to steal a
Dream or two from you or even you.
Cause whew, what mine can send me through.
Ups and downs, twists and turns,
Mountains and valleys
I just can’t count all the tallies and times
My dreams have let me down.
They make me wanna smoke a pound.
God I can’t wait to hear that sound!
Kick Out!


If dreams were real…

If dreams were real,
life would be pretty grand.
Actually it probably wouldn’t,
is that hard to understand?
Day after day,
having everything go your way,
never striving for nothing,
just think it,
you’re on your way.
I say it would be whack,
nothing holding you back.
Never having to struggle, hustle,
or break your back.
No thanks,
I’m cool right here,
locked up this past whole year.
Dreaming what’s to come,
and definitely doing me.
I only got four more months,
October I will be free.


If dreams were real…
Then I’d own a 500 dollar bill

Sit still while recovering
from all the unwrapping
and geographic mapping,
splashing my love
to this one and that one,
one most importantly,
the one above
but who’s noticing,
the man on the moon…
but I didn’t finish.

For always,