My Evidence

What have I left
love, passion, endurance
What is my evidence,
my footprints, my legend
Will I be forgotten
I think not,
But has the pain I caused
outweighed my story?
It’s not too late,
Our lives are only
one good decision at a time
one moment built on top of another
one lesson learned at a time
I will not forget.


Power Lost

We breathe without thinking,
We blink without a thought,
Without you, life is like an icebox that
just lost power with one spark,
the day they took you my world feel apart,
they said they felt my pain,
but how could you,
if you’ve never been left in the dark?
The day you came back,
was the day my heart beats again,
and the icebox fired right up,
with no evidence
of power lost.


What will you leave behind?

Keeping your head up,
is harder than one might of thought,
with wild dreams of never being apart,
what will I leave behind?
Something more precious than gold
on the stock market,
or the top of one huge rock,
my patience is thin,
my self-being is being tested,
in a flash,
I saw 4 faces that reminded me
what lesson I’m being taught,
what will be left behind
if I flash without any thought?
What can I do to make sure
the 4 of you
will not be left behind?
Take my frustrations to the
sun for 4 minutes of sunshine,
To remind me
who you 4 are.


yet I know I’m loved,
thanks be the “Rabbi” Jesus.
Thoughts of my lovely
and beautiful daughters.
I’ve been in here at MDC,
for 20 days now.
Grateful that I have started,
a new sober journey,
in my lifetime…
No more locked doors.

When it is time
for me to be in heaven,
I would leave the linger of thiefs,
addicts, murderers, and rapists,
Oh my, how wonderful
the feeling,
and the imagination
of that upon me…
My evidence of such a fast drug life,
besides the pain and struggles
here on earth.
My 2 wonderful, brave daughters,
how proud I am to be a mother.


What is your evidence?

My evidence will be my
daughter who is as bright as can be
and just like me…

My evidence will be
my fun loving personality.
Friends will remember
all the smiling I did,
no matter how many struggles,
My evidence will be
the person I hope to become,
after all these hard times I’m facing,
I know God won’t let me
just be.

My evidence will be
not the person who is molded criminally,
But the person I’m molding myself to be.


I deal with and heal the blisters on
my heels

from my past that makes me happy for today

oh how I cherish the Gift of life’s Gift

for tomorrow I pray that I say what

I have today.

Today is my gift and tomorrow shall
be my present.


What I Leave Behind

I’m only nineteen
But I feel I’ve lived a lifetime
And what do I have to show for it?
What do I leave behind?
I got a daughter just like me
And she’ll remember my name
But even memories fade to be
And soon I’ll just fade away too.
I’d like to believe my kindness
And my spunky attitude
Will leave a lasting impact
On the people I show them to
And maybe years from now
When I’m a marble stone
Someone I encountered
Will teach their kids my tone
I’ve had a hard life
And I won’t burden you with my tale
But my genuine good will
Is what I leave whether heaven or hell.