The Halves That Make Me Whole

If I could go back
to the day I made a name,
I would turn it all around
to put a smile on your face,
I would finish high school
with some top notch grades,
but I dropped out a freshman
just to gang bang,
Now I’m locked up
and they forcing me to change,
but I’m a grown man,
I can choose my own way,
I know right from wrong and
I’ll always know my place,
and I don’t wanna go back
to the dirty old game.
Let the future be the future
and the past be the past
Ima grow and be successful,
and be a real man,
Ima do what I gotta do
To make Amyiah laugh,
Ima be the best dad
that a girls ever had.
but I made a few mistakes and
I can’t take ‘em back,
but my life was a gamble
throwing dice and getting cash,
Always lived for the moment
never thought I’d get a chance,
and you always tried your best
for all 3 of us to snap,
but you can say we loved it,
selling dope and getting cash.


I came juz 2 write; it’s kinda hard 2 recite;
Bein a poet or a rapper with a pipe or a mic;
A room or a block; a crowd or a flock
Bein’ touchy feely 4 me is a lover without a flaw
Man I remember when I was satisfied wit 1 woman
But itz been kinda long; now I’m surrounded by men
In orange or with a badge, I’m mad then I’m glad
alone then I’m sad; dazed and confused
All I ask myself is God watz tha plan,
then I look up and hear a sound
1st a buzzer then a yell
wit violence all around
I wouldn’t be surprised if
this is Hell,
I mean 4 Heavenz sake I believe
thatz why Satan came here to dwell
sin or sinless, oh well, only time will tell.


Please just Keep Trucha
I’m missing mi Ruca
She is no ****
Es toda mia
Plus she’s all that
and more in fact,
Please stay intact,
And keep in contact,
I should write a contract,
She don’t have to wait
for me,
But she is for me
It might sound corny
I know she’ll get ****
But at least I get contact
Still feels like a zoo
But keep your heart and mind
Any other BS,
I’ll be blind
Cause whatever else, I don’t care
But when they let me out


The halves that make me whole

Muy Importante!
Permiso me chante
Escucha mi ranfla
Hablar la sancha
My better half
Maybe my worse
Thought some girl was my whole world
But she only hurts
I hear that she flirts
Not only for the homies
Plus a bunch of twerps
So my new half is holy
Or probably my whole
My only hope’s the gospel
No longer a numb skull
Skull candy’s so I can listen
through a radio I was given
I have to break tradition
Maybe I’ll glisten
My half-life is over
Put out a fire now
it’s just smolder
My whole life is next
New plans and goals
with nothing but success.


This whole last few years seems like a nightmare
I just can’t wait to wake up.
I don’t know how to explain it, but I’m pretty sure T died.
This is Acoma right here but he knew T well.
T was a great dad, a good artist, a husband and a really traditional person
who only wished good upon people.
When he went missing I knew he was sad,
he couldn’t believe his people would just give up looking for him so fast.
Did they not wonder where he was or if he was ok?
When it was cold or when they were eating did they think,
I wonder if T ate or if he is somewhere warm tonight?
They saw him many times, but didn’t stop to ask if everything was well.
All I know is they hurt a good person, so now Acoma came
and he don’t like people.
I wonder if the Devil has nightmares?
Well T would have feared asking him,
but Acoma knows the Devil has nightmares
because we joke about one day we might wake up.


The halves that make me whole

There are actually three lil’ people
that make me up the other half of me.
They are named M, A Jr., and C.
If you can guess,
I’m talking about my kids.
They are the only beings in this world,
that can make me whole.
Since I’ve been away,
the days seem so long.
But I will be with them soon,
three more months ain’t that long.
I know they feel the same,
they tell me over the phone.
My oldest just wrote me,
I swear he’s so grown.
Yup, all I need are my babies to
make this half a whole.


The Halves that Make Me Whole

Scattered. I’m here. She’s there. And he’s with Grandma. Who knows where you’re at.
A household that used to be whole. Loss after loss; after loss. I cry to my God and ask why.
Then it comes to mind “Dear child, don’t worry. This is not the last goodbye.”

-Breezy Brat

The Halves that Make Me Whole

I am half at this moment,
When you are with me
I am whole…
At this moment I may not even be,
a half, I need both of you to make me something
close to whole…
Heroin a rig,
a tie, a liter,
and a can
use to be all of me,
it consumed me, every part of me.
The only time I felt close to being whole,
was when the needle hit my skin,
watching it register was the half to my whole…
Now you and her are what I want,
My whole life to be.


The Halves that Make Me Whole

Little girl with endless dreams
who lives inside of me.
Disconnected from this world
and its realities.
Put in a box and double locked
buried deep within.
Covered once, covered twice
buried beneath my sin.
Woman lost down many paths,
not knowing which is right
One wrong turn, another dead end
the light is not in sight.
On her knees she cries out to God
Will he not forgive?
Fill her with his countenance
that she might fully live
He is the potter,
I am the clay


The Halves That make Me Whole..

My other half ummmm that’s what he used to say
She’s my other half, where’s my other half??
I’m here all alone in a dark, and lonely place babe,
can you feel me near your ear when I whisper your name
in my cell, Where’s my other half?
Where I’m at? you can’t be.
I’ve lost you my babe, I found my son
again and I feel reborn and a chance to do things
all over again without you,
with my son.
I am whole again,
I am a mother,
I am E’s mother.


This is
Please don’t intervene
cause I’m sure
you wouldn’t want
to see
focus, take a toke of this
feel it drastically
flow as you
feel the need to swallow
Dry thoughts
take a sip
of my colorless kool aid
is it sweet
or salty
Well then back to
It goes with
F*** all my

The halves that make me whole,
is a grid that I lived,
No more talent
wasted because I’m
uniquely made
Genuine live wine lovely
Like centrality, brave
love maintained
Yes that’s me,
fit for a King,
a King of the universe
that is.
He makes me
as hard as concrete,
and as soft as dough,
fills my heart with true love,
and freedom
Wherever I am
that’s my better half,
the Lord always close to me.