Thinking Outside the Prompt

As days go by my mind feels to slip more and more away.

Deep into a Labyrinth that would never have any escape.

thought after thought, lost in confusion

Just another migraine to my brain

What does one have to do to take this pain away,

will it ever seem to fade away?

Who knows cause I don’t,

So consider this another thought of a lost soul


The day before the 4th of July

I remember like it was yesterday, the cards would hit the table with a slap.
I looked across the table, now there’s nothing but a gap

But there across the room, there sits a set of four.
Someone sits there in the seat where I had sat before.

Sitting at our table thinking about my ‘P’
She sure looks happy over there with those other three.

These days of summer may
come and go as I’ll often reminisce
It’s playing with my partners, spades, that I will surely miss.

Tomorrow is a celebration of its very own.
But just five more days we’ll celebrate Marcia going home.


It’s getting loud in here,
where I be at out there?
I be with the worst and we gone off clear,
in the house you fear,
things will be ok my dear,
I promise I put your antlers on the chandelier,
but for now I am stuck here chillin’,
my family be stressing on how they feeling,
and where they living.
I am more pissed off that I keep getting lemon,
or because my meds were late,
I’d be lying if I said my day’s been great,
I hate words like wait or have some faith,
another day another night,
I be in this tunnel no light,
I know this feelin ain’t right
when I rather fight then flight,
If you’re always in my sight,
pull the t— just might,
It’s getting loud in here,
it’s a perfect time to just write.


Brooms go boom
Sweeping countless lives
Be Swept
With the stick
Of life
The death clock is ticking
Waiting on a match to strike
Death’s a mystery box
One day
you’ll look inside
Stepping on a floor that has nothing but scum
Clean up the mess don’t sweep it under the rug
dial the right numbers
the reaper will come
he sings a death song
with a silent tongue
brooms are pretty flowers
but the color is faint
death warrants with names
easy road to fame
a never ending maze
is a mindless game
flirting with death
she’ll put a kiss on your face.


Drenched with Life
Soaked with an essence
unique and rare
reach contentment
run away from despair
don’t capture a loss or greatness
quell a down fall
kill-joys and dead walls
browse the world in reverse
the right way
desirable destinations
give hope
grow faith
decent in thought
mind dressed
ascend with a crown of power
your time is well spent
fly with clipped wings
going down
up your eyes
up your heart
the unthinkable task


Off Top

So just off top
Get off your bottom
No I won’t stop
Smelling so damn rotten
Whatcha doin’
In your cell
Should know I’m brewin’
what the hell
got my headphones
taped to funnels
So I’m kinda bumping
through these tunnels
Only things for sure
is I’m doing time
Not only locked up behind bars
but also in my mind
Ever been right next to 64 people
but felt all alone
We all wear orange
and look like clones



What is love?
Love is not real that I’ve seen.
Most people have “fallen in love,”
but did they stay “in love?”
probably not.
Wanna know why?
Because they mistake it for lust.
They both are very different feelings,
I think that love is forever,
Most of the time your “Bro” isn’t someone you love.
Love is family.
Love is my daughter,
for her, I just want her to love me.
Love is my wife.
I just wanna love my life,
but I love that I’m trying to make shit right.


Days passing by filled with card games,
and talk about the memories of when
we were out.
Positives =
Clear head,
good health,
and in shape,
Clean from drugs.
Negatives =
Away from family,
life not moving forward.

Feelings of –
it would be better if I stayed
Wonders if I’m going to prison,
and thoughts of what opportunities I’ve missed,
and potential I’ve wasted.


Oranges on my back,
C.O.’s in my face,
stuck behind bars
on the same fucking case.
People like to judge,
but I don’t give a damn.
Grew up eating shit,
But now I’m going ham.
click, clack, bam,
fuck my g jammed
Now I gotta go,
let me spit this flow,
let me say what I feel is real
I almost got killed,
I just wanna deal.

Difference between the two…

Well my name is EJ,
I’m 26 years old and
I’m in jail,
well more like hell
and a cross between,
caged like an animal
I just wanna live my life and get out.
I’m tired of being woke up at 4 in the morning
and being fed slop,
like a beast
I miss my fiancé,
I miss my daughter,
but most of all I miss my freedom and the
laughter and love at home.
I feel like an animal at the zoo,
because people come in here and they exacerbate us
and fear us,
just like the caged animals at the zoo.
What’s the different between the two?
We’re still humans at heart,
but the only difference is that we’re degraded
and locked up.
I wanna go home.


Under the Moonlight

Money falling from the sky,
Tears in her eyes,
Fuck around in the streets,
get your life simplified,
under the moonlight.
She asking me why the fuck I gotta
run these streets that we call trife life
blank expression on my face,
I have no reply
Smoking fire kush,
got me stuck in the sky,
as I look around,
my feet on the ground,
looking at these like a whole different crowd,
temperature rising,
voice getting loud
she say that she’s pregnant,
and she ‘bout to have my child.
I say to myself,
What a joy of life,
I know what I gotta do,
So I know what’s right,
God gives us a blessing
And takes us out of sight
So we can do us and get right.

Under the moonlight,
smoking fire dro
reaching for the stars,
how far can I go
take me to aye
like some we’re outta space
so I can do me and just feel safe.


Difference between the two…

I’ve been up all night,
just thinking about my life,
like what the hell I’m doing,
what’s going on,
as I ask myself these questions,
all these answers seem so wrong.

I’ve been up all night,
in all contemplating,
I’m just thinking about these bitches and these niggas,
that’s been hating,
as I was locked up in these cages,
man it’s something changes,
as I looked them in the face,
and I see the truth retaining
but I don’t really blame ‘em.
It’s the picture
that I painted,
more so I’m tripping off my current situation,
got time for do for nothing boy,
this life is something left
my fiancé N up on the street
with my baby in her stomach,
she told me daddy I got you,
no matter how long the shit takes,
damn that’s real.


I can set back and imagine the whole world in my palm,
with a stiff arm,
and a crown that fit rightz from a throne of backbone,
that’s strong.

Can you picture in your mind,
of soldierz that’s dyin’,
and a world that’s coming to an end,
from problemz and sin?

Da high and mighty rich man,
got us thinking pure revenge,
while they’re gettin’ money and riding Benz.

Da game is cold to tell you the truth,
even kidz know that anything goes.

This fucked up world got it where a nigga head
exploited from too much knowledge of a young,
educated prophet with dollarz.

Can you hear the screamz,
of a mad man with fucked up dreamz,
a bad tongue saying fucked up thingz,
you know what I mean.
A blank wall is like an absent mind,
thatz dyin’,
wishing I had a marker to draw in time.

Do you ever wonder why at birth,
a baby shed tearz,
because the voice that’s whispered in their earz,
are in prayerz,
the ending of the world was
(3x) trouble just trouble.


No wrong, just write
that’s all I wanna be in life,
Lord just show me the light,
help me love my life,
it’s so hard it sux,
I end up in the same spot,
Life is a canvas,
you paint it,
choose your plot,
I just wanna be with my family,
that’s what the paintbrush sees,
us so happy,
all love,
no lust,
my lil fat baby,
all hugs,
I love her so much,
I don’t just do this for me,
I do this for us,
so Lord help us move up,
that’s all I want,
help us move forth with all this pain,
and move on from it,
and be better and more mindful,
and ignore the bullshit,
and do my time,
and get out,
I’ve been so stuck in my head,
my family’s the only people
who can help me out,
so I can be happy,
and get out of this shit hole gladly,
instead of being locked down,
sadly too much
held inside,
too much on my mind,
my last chance to get out,
and make it all right.


Just Write:

I’m just in need of a purpose,
I’ve been so many things in societies eyes,
but I’ve never had a purpose.
A reason to get out of bed and keep living.
I’m really a deep thinker,
so maybe I’m going too far,
but I feel like if I don’t
find a happy, healthy purpose,
I’m going to fall into whatever comes my way first,
and with the path I been on,
it’s probably drugs.
I’ve thought about it,
and I want to be this man of purpose.
I want to go to barber college,
and help people look better,
and in turn feel better.
I’ve finally found a purpose,
that makes me want to act,
I’ve been here before,
but never had a plan.
So now I do, so keep pressing forward,
one step at a time,
toward a life with purpose.


I am Perfect

My actions got me moving left and right.
There is the right way and the wrong way,
But it’s all in my hands.
Now that I’m older I understand,
That life doesn’t always go as planned.
You got to recognize,
And ask yourself, am I doing what’s right.
Before you make the biggest mistake of your life.
Stay true and sincere,
Be loyal and honest.
Always have confidence,
And be independent.
Perfect is perception,
And perception is all they can see.
Cause in my eyes I am perfect,
And that’s what I want them to see.


Words of Wisdom

The truth hurts,
but pain makes you stronger.
Having to struggle,
makes you a survivor.
You learn from your mistakes,
and it becomes your past.
Time is sensitive so take it slow,
over time comes wisdom.
Then comes freedom,
and freedom of speech.
Will you stay quiet,
or will you speak?
Did you learn,
and will you teach?
The words of wisdom,
is something to preach.
To share and show care,
for the ones who spare their life to god,
to do right.


Broken Glass

No matter how many rivers you have cried,
Or how many rivers you’ve let flush by and drain you.
No tear can show how much pain it holds,
As cold as life has become I feel I’ve become perfectly numb.
You caught me off guard and took my breath away,
I had no time to take back the ground you’ve pulled right from under me.
Before a tear could run down my face I froze in shock,
How you could be so cold.
You let me fall when I was so fragile,
Millions of glass tear drops fall in front of you once you took my breath away.
I was left without a word to say,
Just a teardrop away.
To your world flushed,
And rivers of broken glass.


Power Lost

We breathe without thinking,
We blink without a thought,
Without you, life is like an icebox that
just lost power with one spark,
the day they took you my world feel apart,
they said they felt my pain,
but how could you,
if you’ve never been left in the dark?
The day you came back,
was the day my heart beats again,
and the icebox fired right up,
with no evidence
of power lost.


I told you,
I would never stop fighting for you.
I told you,
nothing mattered more to me,
than you.
I know you are angry,
and sad, and confused.
I don’t know how to tell you,
I’m sorry.
I say I love my children more than anything,
but every day,
I chose numbing my pain
over showing up
The 1st twelve years of my life
I was stripped of my innocence,
and now I do the same to you.
A child should not wonder
if they are loved,
by their mother,
I tell you I love you,
then choose my pain over yours.

I cannot change what I have done,
but I can say I will not waste
one more day,
one more minute,
one more second of your life,
and you will both know with all
your HEART!!
That you are all mine.



I thought I was really getting out of here,
But as it turns out,
I’ll be here till July 11th.
I was very disappointed,
I wanted to cry,
instead I stay angry,
not at the judge,
but at myself,
for putting me back in here.

It took me awhile
to break down,
but I did.
When all was quiet,
it was during lockdown,
that I broke down,
and started praying
to my Lord “Jehovah,”
to stay with me during my troubles,
and to keep me going in here.
I have found my spiritual help,
and I’m looking forward
to my freedom again.


A Promise

I wish I was outside of these walls,
every minute I spend here I feel as if
I am suffocating.
How much longer do I have to sit behind these bars?
Feeling helpless, feeling scared?
I miss my babies,
How I wish I could just hold them
in my arms,
give them a kiss on their cheek.
Let them know,
Mommy is here,
and I promise,
no matter what,
I’ll always be here for you,
don’t be afraid.
Forgive me my angels,
for if you feel that I abandoned
you or do not care.
Please know I do care,
and can never abandon my only
reason to live,
my happiness,
my world.
I cannot explain,
in words
my pain,
my suffering.
I can’t tell you
why I’m not around or else
I cannot see you anymore.
But remember, mommy never
breaks her pinky promises,
and mommy promises
I’ll never let go,
never stop trying
I love you,
that words can never explain
how much.
All I have are our memories to cherish,
and that is what keeps me going,
when I just want to die.


yet I know I’m loved,
thanks be the “Rabbi” Jesus.
Thoughts of my lovely
and beautiful daughters.
I’ve been in here at MDC,
for 20 days now.
Grateful that I have started,
a new sober journey,
in my lifetime…
No more locked doors.

When it is time
for me to be in heaven,
I would leave the linger of thiefs,
addicts, murderers, and rapists,
Oh my, how wonderful
the feeling,
and the imagination
of that upon me…
My evidence of such a fast drug life,
besides the pain and struggles
here on earth.
My 2 wonderful, brave daughters,
how proud I am to be a mother.


Wherever you go,
there you are,
whatever I see
becomes a star

I am up early with the dawn,
I am not your average guy with white skin on,
I am the deepest darkest feeling inside,
I am, no matter what the time, on the mind,
I am running, sliding, gliding through your thoughts,
I am running, hiding, striving to never get caught,
I am everything you always wanted,
I am what you fear the most,
I am far beyond your reach,
I am close, so intimately close,
I am the colorful dreams of a child,
I am the nightmare of an adult,
I am freedom in words,
I am the secrets of the occult,
I am the change that you seek,
I am the stubbornness in your eyes,
I am not who you think I am,
I am that fucking guy


R’bono shel olam, Master of the Universe

I forgive anyone,
who made me angry or upset,
or hurt me, my body, my things,
my feelings, or anything that is mine,
by accident or on purpose,
by words, actions, thoughts
in this world,
or in another world,
I forgive each one
May nobody be punished,
because of me,
May it be your will God –
God of my Ancestors –
that I not hurt anyone anymore,
whatever hurt that I have done,
may you forgive me,
and not punish me God,
may these words I say,
and feelings in my heart,
make YOU happy.


The self-realization of a chronic Methhead

Abusing methamphetamines for an extended period of time
makes it part of who you are.
It changes what matters.
It makes it to where you feel like you have to get high,
If you don’t you become useless, literally the walking dead.
Meth is your strength. It has become a basic need
in hierarchy of needs, all the way at the top it reigns
second only to the need to breathe.
Meth comes before food. Meth comes before water.
Meth comes before shelter. Meth comes before community.
Meth comes before my family. Meth comes before everything
Meth is the only thing that’s worth burning every bridge.
Meth severs every lifeline, makes you slowly disown everything you know.
Meth ruins every relationship. Meth is selfish.
Meth becomes your jealous God. I don’t like this life anymore,
I want it all to stop. I broke another tooth today, it crumbled like chalk.


I was young
and I was dumb
and I was trappin’
on the corner
that girl gotta gotta
and she got it,
from her mama,
I relaxed in the Bahamas,
I was having a vacation,
I was running to the money,
man I was speed racing
Smokin’ kush,
I got sedated,
Pop the blue pill
like the matrix,
Lil’ mama said stop
I killed the shyt
cuz I was faded,
riding reckless,
and flexing
I got that 30,
shyt get hectic
You can talk
but don’t test it
I got them shootas and they ready,
and they maneuver
through your section
and I come in
Gucci steppin’
Ballin’ on ‘em
like I’m Stephen
Yeah Imma youngin’
and you guessed it.


Under the Moonlight

Money falling from the sky,
Tears in her eyes,
Fuck around in the streets,
get your life simplified,
under the moonlight.
She asking me why the fuck I gotta
run these streets that we call trife life
blank expression on my face,
I have no reply
Smoking fire kush,
got me stuck in the sky,
as I look around,
my feet on the ground,
looking at these like a whole different crowd,
temperature rising,
voice getting loud
she say that she’s pregnant,
and she ‘bout to have my child.
I say to myself,
What a joy of life,
I know what I gotta do,
So I know what’s right,
God gives us a blessing
And takes us out of sight
So we can do us and get right.

Under the moonlight,
smoking fire dro
reaching for the stars,
how far can I go
take me to aye
like some we’re outta space
so I can do me and just feel safe.


Quit fucking crying. This is a fresh start. All part of God’s plan.

I miss you so much
I cannot stop thinking about us
Yes I’m trying to stop because I love
somebody that is gone. A broken promise you broke
But I can’t blame you. I’m known to break promises.
I’m known to run.
I’m known to disappoint you.

Tell me who is going to save me.
Tried to save myself.

Lately it’s been hard to pick up the phone.
I feel empty. I’m barely alive. Your voice
Is my only hope. Why? IDK
I want to make you proud.
Lately I’ve had more gloomy days.
For some reason I believe I’m going to prison.
Deep down inside I know I have to pay
The price. My army isn’t going. My worry
is will I come back the same or worse
Or will I come back?
Truth is I’ve smothered my youth.
And behind these walls
It’s so hard to be positive and have hope.


Up and down, out and in, now matter where
I travel through mazes of life.
protected by wisdom, love, peace.
gaining strength, confidence
regaining hope. 24 karat streets today.
My sky and earth no more covered in gray
Neglected, broken pathways – Gone
Keep still for peace
Staying sane,
be humble.


An instant rush – relief – gratification. Hits me.
I feel it in the air. I score my dope. No more
stressing or care about anyone. F— the police
this moment is all I know. My pain,