We all know… You know… We know… Nobody knows…

We all know…
You know…
We know…
Nobody knows…

The code of silence is so strong or at least it should be.
Some people love to talk and wonder why they end up in a bad situation.
I don’t know when you actually do know could save your life.
Before you learn to talk you should learn the three L’s of life.
Look, Listen, Learn.


We all know… You know… We know… Nobody knows..

We all know… being locked up, it really sucks

You know… I’d rather be free cause this place is driving me nuts

We know… the choices we make, determine the outcome

Nobody knows… the choices that are to come.


But you don’t kno

Tha anger and the pain of a child wit my name
bein a boy wit loose screws wit nada 2 lose
tryin 2 grow in 2 a man lost and confused
stuck in tha shadow of another and tryin
2 fill those shoez of a Father or a decent man
both of which I never really had 2 relate,
2 mold, or build myself up 2,
except 4 tha occasional
artistic penitentiary letter that gave me a
better grasp and perspective that itz mandatory not
an elective.
2 be bound by honor now,
thatz watz attractive
2 most or by sum or at
tha very least a self accountable person,
thatz wat I wanted 2 be
and thatz exactly wat I’ve become
they say itz easier growing up with a Dad
but not having a Father 4 me
made it a lot harder 2 excel or succeed
especially without the greed or tha love of money,
now thatz tha root of all evil
and thatz clear and plain enough 2 see
4 you and 4 me
grateful and thankfully I’m fast enough 2 b heard,
Imma ahead of tha curve and a lil bit smarter so
you kno I don’t swerve
Just need 2 slow my roll be4
I get ahead of myself and lose all control
Never can slack
always been known 2 stack
Only thang 2 learn is how 2 sit back –
kick back and relax
search my mind, body, and soul is a must
sum thang 2 da wit a lot of trust from my fam,
my friends and of course myself,
although constructive criticism always helpz,
especially when pointed out by sumbody
else with TLC and by listening 2 this you know
what that meanz 2 me.


Yea We All Kno…

Tha story of a boy with stripez
shootin’ 4 tha starz but he had no glory growin’ up
without a Dad, witta punk 4 a brutha
so a gang waz all he thought he had 2 look up 2
tha Norte keepin’ it “G” flamed in Red
stayin’ tru tha 1-4 waz all he thought he knew
How ironic fool lost and alone feelin’ blue,
under tha weather, gloomy and cloudy no sunshine
juz stormy lightening then thunder,
wit a 8th no wonda…
bread or cheda it waz cheesy
then spread itz smokey not foggy
pinched outta tha bag never tha closet
juz under tha cover fuck a badge
wit tha drugz and not a lover
hid it from hiz ladie, hiz mom, and hiz fam
who on this entire planet waz all he had
whoz not juz beautiful but also very smart,
not 2 brag or boast
but cheerz raise your glass while I make a toast,
I used 2 love 2 build her up,
I never intentionally put her down
until that devastating day I laid her 2 rest,
burying her in tha ground
I miss getting 2 toot her horn
Even tho her heart waz torn,
no time 4 love or affection,
she had 2 pay tha billz so she couldn’t pay attention
2 tha good or tha bad, a smile or a hug,
so I’m left with a shoulda shrug
so don’t ever think itz 2 late 2 love
fuck hate, life is 2 short and you could alwayz fit more on that plate,
juz make it a platter,
it once waz said tha richer, tha fatter, or skinny and poor
it really don’t matter
nothing exceedz like excess, like sweet ever lasting success,
that’z my goal and thaz my point
get it and keep it 2 score add a number 2 tha board
better now than B4, it used 2B hard trust me I kno
I’m broken and scarred, but B4 I die and B4 I rot
I gotta stop getting high killin’ myself is a lot easier than I thought
like when I waz stabbed in tha head and shot in the leg
I’m positive if it waz tha other way around no doubt I’d be dead.