I am/from

I am from

Mother and father
Phoenix Arizona
A very hot place.

I am my Grandmother’s baby.
Her loving words for me
How I miss her.

I am from
A multiple ethnicity
One being Black
The other being Native American

A Secret

Hello, I am from the Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico
I’m covered by mountains and we own these mountains.
I’m also Ojibwa and Cherokee.

I apologize for my horrible handwriting.
I’ve just always had different writing in general.
Anyways, let me tell you a secret,
There is magic where I come from
This magic is not supposed to be talked about to outsiders.
Even so I think someone deserves to know this and the key words
Are Sacred Geometry.
Everything in life as we know it, is connected through shapes,
Angles, and spirals.
For example, our galaxy is a spiral, plants grow in all shapes.
Anyway, my point is, there’s a water portal
Where I’m from.
It’s said that our sacred dancers come out of there.
Also in Australia these higher beings would have a portal as well.
Remember there’s so much life other than this, soon to be dump
annnnnd Goodbye.


I am from

I am from a tiny little planet
in a universe that is forever endless
This little green planet is infested
with little animals plants
They shuffle around, day to day
trying to figure out what the point is
of living on this tiny little planet.

This planet keeps us alive
It gives us beauty every single day
so in an endless universe
Maybe the point of living on this planet
Is just to appreciate it.


I am

I am another kid from the rez,
where the river eases your soul,
to where the sand cools your body,
where the wind is music to your ears,
and the sun is your guidance
I am another kid from the rez,
Who knows where home will always be
You will always know where you are from
And who you need to be
I am another kid on the rez
who’s living a dream.


I am from

I am from the water,
the desert,
the mountains and the city.

From a place in the north
That I left only recently.

From three places at once,
A city in the sky,
a city at the water’s edge
and a city mile high.

I am from the parties that
Never stopped in a house once
Long forgotten.

From a suburb in the west
Where the castle-church
Overlooks all other places

From a time not long ago,
How I miss my home.


I am from

I am from the life that grew up without a dad,
From the dark past, that I knew I only had,
Never knowing what it’s like to have a dad.
Only being able to miss what I had.
I am from the bullied kid in elementary school,
From the shadow that no one thought was cool,
Moving on with a life that ain’t new.
I am from the moments being lost in my head,
From the movement that has not been shed,
Never will I be put down like that again,
I am from the families that will put you down,
From the town which has no sound,
And I don’t care if they’re related to me now.
Cause I’m from the place which I’ve learned,
To be myself no matter what I heard,
To go for it all rather than to be burned.
I’m C.S.L. from when I emerged.