This Time Around… 2

This Time Around 
This time around I thought 
it would be different 
this time around I cried and meant it.
This time around 
I hurt everyone around me
This time around I think the Devil
really found me.
This time around I saw that look
in your eyes.
This time around I really did try.
This time around 
The judge wont tease me. 
This time around I might do ten, easy.
This time around my life might be 
This time around I still remain a soldier. 
This time around my heart will never sway.
This time around I hope you’re hear to stay.
This time around 
I might not make it back.
But this time around, I promise I’ll
get my life on track,
This time around 


  1. I can relate to this line: “this time around I cried and meant it.” I also love this line “This time around my heart will never sway.” It can mean so many things. For example, in an intimate, personal relationship, or in staying true and sticking to their opinion, etc. I really like the image and concept. Great piece!

  2. SMS,
    I think your rhyme scheme works well with the idea of the prompt. I can hear a voice and a pattern of revolutions that keep a momentum going. Keep moving forward. good work. –1LP

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