I’ve Become Reply

I’ve Become

From absolute
To absolute zero
I’m a test line
Plumbing the abyss
Suspended from Heaven
The man from nowhere
Saying I’m here and everywhere
I turn prisons over
And hearts inside out
Betrayer of senses
Traitor to gravity
My feet dig the ground
Pull it around
The unmoving motion
My pen slips back to
Making the romantic essay
The classical screenplay
The post-modern grocery list
Here is the fulcrum
For the lever that moves
The world.


I’ve Become

In more ways than one
The needle I used
The drug I abused
The plummet of black
The Atomic explosions of red rising
Disguising its evil with sensuality
With an assassins swiftness
That destroys reality
I’ve become the nod
Eyes closed with caution
Reaching with arms too short for god
Looking for the best brown on auctions
I’m the man who translates
Your slurs, mumble, and stumbles
To grasp this addiction
Understand my afflictions
No… I have no delusions
Of this demise… don’t hide
Behind confusion and lies
And if I do
I take another shot
And close my eyes
Wondering fearfully with a grin,
Will this be the last time
I listen to what I consider
To be noise
I’ve become… I’ve become… I’ve become


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