World What Have You Come To… Reply

Now World

Nearly too late we concentrate on saving 
the natural resources our planet has to offer. 
We build jails on heaps of garbage to house 
what society believes to be the refuse of humanity. 

We continue to spend money on the machines 
of war, while allowing the oil companies to 
dictate the cost of existence. We strip the 
life out of our planet, pumping the life-blood 
from its veins, stripping the bones as well. Oil,
Gold, Uranium, etc. All feeding the greed of 
the powers that be. 

Small businesses closing all around,
Walmarts popping up in even small towns.
Buy from us, or not at all this motto 
accepted by nearly all. The rich get richer 
while the poor increase in numbers. 

Prison industries monopolize many areas 
of production, creating a new standard for a 
minimum wage. Corruption abounds in all 
areas of government, though this is nothing 
new. How people accept it as being a given…

We on the brink of a new world 
war, though many forget we are at war at 
all. The “war on drugs” has become its own
industry with law enforcement agencies 
bringing in billions in confiscated revenue.
Revenue which they are not required to share. 

If one is a felon one cannot get hired 
in many instances; yet, employment is a 
requirement for continued freedom. Desperation 
breeds new crimes and returns to prison for 
failure to comply. 

Politicians blatantly caught paying 
millions to friends for jobs that don’t exist.
When discovered the penalty for fraud is 
never even considered. Why? Well, the money 
from the kickbacks buys a free-pass nearly 
every time. 

Greed fashions laws and a new slavery 
is in place. Pennies an hour to buy shampoo,
razors and soap which are charged out at 
dollars and millions in the end game. 
Trash bags and clothes business cards 
and forms. High five figure salaries and 
benefits packages, versus inept medical 
if any at all. 

Forced marketing on TVs or no 
signal received. Buy our new upgrade or 
shut up and listen to radio. Buy our new fuel,
though poisoning our world. Though 
alternatives exist, big oil gets pissed.
So gas or diesel or don’t take your trip. 

Forget about flying for prices are 
high and security higher. Best wash your 
hands and bring your visa to shower for 
your hygiene ain’t flying if it’s liquid or 
thick. Leave your scissors and cell phone 
in your baggage below, for if you don’t 
security will trip. 

People are scared those who aren’t are 
locked up. Our army’s abroad in a serious 
matter, concerning big oil… what of our 
home front? Fear it runs rampant and 
is hurting us deeply. We owe China our 
Trillions and can’t pay our rent. They 
call it the free wold though most have 
not a cent. 


To You World, I’m Thrown Into

Through my difficulties and trials
I have prayed so much, for so long,
have read the scriptures, that man has written,
from this Bible that I’ve read,
cover to cover, several times,
I begin to have doubts of the miracles.
from the days of Moses, and Jonah,
I catch myself, and I say,
you must believe in something,
and so I stand firm, with Christianity,
and the Catholic beliefs I was raised with,
I’ve seen that prayer is important,
but, there is more to it,
putting one foot in front of the other,
and taking control, is key
Today, I find myself not praying,
but have decided, to keep it simple,
to believe in a creator, and, that we
make our own heaven, and our own hell, that we
are capable, to succeed, to the extent we allow ourselves,
should we choose good, then good results is our reward,
but with the bad, well, we know the outcome…
What has become of you world lies on a man,
yes, though there is a lot of evil, man has done good as well,
But through the ages in man’s selfish quest
for dominance of a country, of a continent,
you world have always provided, shelter and food,
in a matter of opinion, we are, to a certain extent
victims, but in reality, when it comes down to it,
we are characters on a set,
writing, and directing our own script.


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