Who Am I? Reply

Who Am I ?

I am a strong young woman, with a past
darker than most
I am one who knows how to love, because
I know what it’s like to be hated
I am a girl who knows how to smile
even when I want to cry
I am an expert at faking a smile and
keeping secrets.
I am BEAUTIFUL because I know my
I am strong, because I know how it
feels to be weak.


Who Am I When I’m Alone?

When I’m alone I am lost in my mind
tryin’ to find what’s gonna change
my life. I’m not holding tears back
I admit to myself my fears.
I’m wonderin’ if I will stay clean
or will I remain a fiend I believe
I can’t change cuz my life will
never be the same I’ve grown up
and now my life ain’t a game.
I’ve held back so much rage I can’t
stop feelin’ shame what have
I come to be I try to
see what good I have inside of me.
But all I see is hate all I
want is a clean slate. All
I’m wondering what’s my fate.
I just want my pain to go
away. Wonder if I should stay
or just run run run away.


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