I’ve become

I’ve become…

I’ve become…
the one to get it done,
no matter what I face,
I’m facin’ DAT—SHIT HEAD ON.
No longer doubt myself,
Never doubted what I’m about,
confidence through the roof,
You can feel,
when I talk about it
I’ve Become…
patient the more I age,
Even though I’m locked in this cage,
Just sittin’ counting the days,
I’m destined to rock a stage.
I’ve Become…
more humble than anyone,
more humble than I can stand
But the truth is,
I’m still a man.
So, I don’t know,
if it’s gonna last long
Have no idea if,
I’m doin it right
I’m just so used to,
Doin’ it wrong.


I’ve become

Look at what I’ve become
I’ve seen it all so I’m numb
Can I make me proud
I have, so I’ll say it out loud
I’m on that boycott anything,
I don’t like type shit
I’ve become if I’m losing,
I’ll just quit
Sick and tired of waiting
Matter fact I can’t stand my own complaining
The sink in my cell ain’t draining
That pee in my boxers staining
Dayglo orange too bright
Standing upright
I’m so predictable
and very dull
Sick of the bull
Thick in the skull
Still young at my age
after 8 stuck in a cage
hold in the rage
To stay out of Seg 1
Cause it’s not too much fun
lost my right to own a gun
at least I’m not on the run
Fat ass aka beard and gas
Still light on my feet
hip to the beat
A false positive
not a double negative
Sharp as a ginsu
Harry as a shitsu
Smelly like arm pits do
Or ftw
fluent in what the fuck
or fuck the what
eyes wide open
but mouth closed shut
hungry but starving
like nothing’s alarming
real nice like you’re so darling
soon I’ll be farming
or Hope so
but won’t go
pick and choose
Born to lose
Identity crisis
rolling dices
I mean there’s no such
thing as a pair of dice
Deaths come in 3’s so it’s not
a pair of die
Scared to cry
pick brains to fry.


Juz tryin’ new thangz
itz kinda hard 4 me to try new thangz
But since I’m here I decided to try
this thang called “Juz Write”
It feelz kinda right in diz low light
Even tho I feel like a lowlife
But I kno deep down that ain’t right
Even tho I’ve done wrong completin’ tha same ol’ actionz
like a played out rap song
like makin her twerk 4 sum work
while I geek wit sum tweek
repeatin tha same ol ish errday of tha week
I’m strong willed but I’m weak minded
thinkin I’m on top of tha game
come 2 think bout it itz lame & an enormous shame
2 myself, my family, this community itz GAME…
Over and over & over again I’ve said it B4 & I’ll say it again..
itz over
over tha hill & itz over tha top
over wit tha drugz tha hurt tha wrongz
must stop
thiz day 2day right now can’t come quick enough
itz good enough 4 me and hopefully 4 you
I’m tryin’ 2 make a change and itz all 4 you…


I’ve Become


He who deals with the most
delicate shades of humanity.

He who brings quality to the day.



I’ve Become

a total stranger. I ask myself
if it’s an improvement or not.
Well shoot dang I hope so,
or life is over.
All jokes aside I like the woman I’ve become.
I’m smarter than I was yesterday by
at least a day’s worth of experience.

I’ve become a woman of reflection,
a deeper thinker.
I’ve made some decisions about my future.
No more calculated risks,
No more impulsive decisions.

I’ve become a woman with boundaries,
sensibility, and determination.
This woman I have become
is a stranger,
and I hope I can pull it off.


I’ve Become…

I’ve become someone new
Someone I almost don’t recognize
I was once so blue
Always thought about the stuff I agonized
Then I turned to booze
and drugs I would never do
Lost control of myself
and was looking for some help
Now I am in jail
I have no bail
So I am slowly realizing
My life needs some organizing
I will regain my life
and become someone I will like
Then be proud to say
What I have become today.

I’ve become

I become to notice to my situation before I act upon it
I become to better myself at everything I put my mind on doing
I become a new man after I set my goals
of doing the right thing in life
I become to take control over my situation as it’s going on
I become to take control over my addiction before it gets out of hand
I become to take control over my action
I become to take pride in my work
I become to make smarter moves on my part in life
I become to take my life back and do right in life.