When I’m free I want to…

When I’m free I want 2…

See the world in many colors
Different, shh well ya
Took the ’63 outta reverse
Orale is that Nasty
healthy? serio? Tangerine
Candy apple
Blood orchid red Ese
That really what I said
Hit the calles with the top down
You hear that
Bump bump bump boom
My 808 blastin’
3 wheel motion perro
that the sound of my freedom
Everlastin Bass my world so colorful
When I’m free I want to

Est. 1985


When I’m free I want to…

When I’m free I want to write,
not because I have to but because I want to.
I want to draw
not because I am trying to pass
The time, but because its my imagination
being free.
I want to sit down, relax and enjoy time, and know that
I am free.

-Gilbert Gonzales

When I’m free
I don’t wanna be a wanna be,
I don’t want to be high,
But instead true to me.

I don’t feel like falling,
I would rather soar in sun rays,
Fly like an eagle with Gods Glory and praise
When I am free I want to see
the sun, sober, no chains, no puppet master,
no borders.

When I’m free I want to remember
my self-worth,
how precious is life and my purpose since birth

When I’m free I want to be
in love,
put my family first,
and go as hard for a kiss and a hug
as I did for that drug

When I’m free,
I want naught to worry or doubt,
love will keep us alive,
that’s what life is about.
My life wasn’t free,
God ransomed his life 2 forgive me.

As I’m growing, blossoming,
blooming inside,
When I’m free all I want is to be happy,
my husband, my babies
Z & T
What I got, that’s all I need,
all I want.


Being set free, all I can see
Is a whole new me.
Can’t hide, what’s inside,
Times before, I’ve gone hardcore.
my ups, my downs,
smiles with frowns
A Kraze monster world
feel, I’ve lived this before
Who knew, maybe déjà vu.
behind walls, waiting at mail call.
Thinking I wouldn’t fall.
standing tall.
Ima make this mess and make it my best.
(Reality Check.)