I Am From Reply

I’m From


I’m from the basketball court

I’m from the trees blowing

Cars passing, I’m from

The ditch flowing, I’m from

Where you can smell the rain

I’m from where you can taste my grandma’s food from her restaurant.

I’m from Pena Blanca,






I am from Ponca City, Oklahoma. It is fun because I have a lot of other friends there and more family. I have more family that can help me out in anything because some are as young as me. Here they are all almost old, They’re helpful with bills and food and that is good for my family. When I am in Ponca City I hear trees rustle, and little kids laughing. I smell freshness from trees and wet grass. I see green grass and trees that are fresh.





I am from the desert sands and the ocean. They might not be in the same place but this is where I’m from. The first place there is a ocean of sand that surrounds me. The second place is where the ocean is blue and no one can judge me. This is where I’m from.


Where I’m From

I’m from Albuquerque New Mexico.

There is not much to do around here,

i’d rather go to Denver Colorado.


Santa Fe

I am from Santa Fe.

I was born in Santa Fe. Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico. This place is a small town when you go downtown on a friday night you will see people walking downtown and see people selling stuff.


I am from a ranch on pueblo called Santo Domingo Pueblo. My family has one of the best cattle, horses, equipment, and we always have someone to challenge us but we do things that need to be done. Thats how I grew up, because it’s hard to make money and get money. Also, my family is going through a lot right now because something bad happened to me and my brothers and sisters. It makes me feel like I am getting good at these things the more I keep doing it. I practically can drive, and operate the things my grandfather, brothers, and uncle’s do. But the things I like most is driving our tractor. The only thing that sucks is it has a sensor under the seat and it turns off when I press on the clutch because I am too short and I do not weigh a lot.


Where I’m From

Where I’m from, there’s no people

Where I’m from I’m alone.

Where I’m from there’s no view.

Where I’m from it’s dark.

Where I’m from you taste food.

Where I’m from there’s no happiness.

Where I’m from there’s paper and pen

Where I’m from I feel free.

Where I’m from hope is always there.

Where I’m from it’s different.

I Am From

I am from the ground.

I am from Albuquerque NM.

I am from paper and pen.

I am from loneliness.

I am from the darkness.

I am from the mountains.

I am from my bed.

I am from the desert.

I am from the blue skies.

I am from the black panther.

I am from the nail polish.

I am from the make-up.

I am from big clothes.


I’m from a Wigi Board, a mental hospital

I’m from the shutter of a camera,

I’m from psychopathic records.

I’m June, I’m the chirping of birds,

and the crackling of grass when it grows, I’m the egg that brings life to the baby blue bird. I’m Liam!


Where I am from is a town called Bernalillo New Mexico. Bernalillo is a place where I was born and raised. Berna is the best place, we have fiestas, when we can party. I love it here, my family was raised here too. It is never quiets, it is always busy. My family is half of this town. I have a huge family, it can get annoying sometimes but fun. Having fun with your family or friends is the best moments.

I am from guitar, a string from a guitar. It makes me feel in a good place. It takes you out from a bad place you are in. A string makes you move, it makes a magical sound that takes you to another world. It makes you YOU and not no one else.


I am from my own world, my domination.

I am my own personal Jesus.

I am the only one who lives in my world.

I like the silence.

I am the only one, because other people wouldn’t understand my world.

People say “I wouldn’t last a day in the real world”

I say they wouldn’t last a day in mine.


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